Monday, August 31, 2015

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What is up you people! This week for me was pretty good and we worked hard but unfortunatly nothing is giving as of yet. We unfortunatly didnt bring anyone new to church and no real big family or anybody to work with. But worry not! We are just gonna get back to the grind this week and stick to it. Gotta keep the faith. This week we also had a Saturday Night game night and had some recent converts there and we played a few games. It was alright. First one that we as missionaries organized to for sure it was a little weak. This next Saturday will be better and we expect to get this idea started that ever week we will do something like this and an effort to convince people to bring their friends and more people to church. But other than all this I bought a watch today! That I am pretty sure was robbed.. but its all good cause it was only 18 reais haha! I got a discount because the first 2 I chose were both broken already so they took 2 reais off for me! haha

I love you guys and sorry for the lame short email. Not too many details today,
But keep readying and studying the scriptures! I am really begining to enjoy my studies and I can usually find some sweet new stuff every day! (Ether 6:5-8 the same wind that created the storm also blew the jaridiets to the promised land #WINDfortheWINGS #WhatDoesntKillYouMakesYouStronger )

Até mais então!

from the activity saturday

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