Monday, October 26, 2015

ups and downs‏ Date: October 26, 2015 at 6:50

Hey there family.

So yeah this week was a pretty great week. Good to finish the transfer with such an awesome find and great family. Julia went to church again and its pretty much undoubtable that she will be baptized someday this week. The only reason that she didnt get baptized on Sunday was that her sister Ana (who also is super elect and ready to follow her sister) Has a pretty messed up foot and needed to go to the hospital sunday morning and couldnt make it to support and be there alongside. So timing just didnt match up. She is so great though and I got really close to that family. The only down side is that President in all of his wisdom, decided to transfer me... for my last transfer on the mission. So yep, Ramazotti stayed and so did some other missionary in the house with a lot of time there both stayed and I, who just got there this last transfer... was trasnfered out. So yeah Im just trying to keep a smile on. Not gonna lie it will be hard to have to leave the area but Im pretty close still and I think I will be able to make it to the Baptism on Julia on Friday night. Also crazy story before I move on to the next topic, was that all day Saturday, I was in the Hospital with Ramazotti. 12 Hours there... haha he had a monster high blood pressure and a pretty bad head ache so they didnt let him leave and had to do a bunch of tests. So Just a fun fact. I was thinkin about you that day nano.. Hospital at the same time right? close at least. But yeah Ramazotti is good to go and should have much problems there. 
So right now I am in Rangel with a new companion from São Paulo. He just started his mission 5 weeks ago so I will finnish his training right now. Should be interesting and we already know eachother from being in the same district. It will be a good way for me to finnish my mission. Training.. Gotta keep on my A game to help this kid out. Good ward it looks like. Just us 2 in the ward but we live right next to the chapel with another companionship. So just brazilians and one Peru in house. Looks like I will come home without any english practice. haha But seriously it should be a great learning experience and for sure Heavenly Father has a plan in all this. He knows where he wants his misisonaries and when he wants them there. Feels so werid to be on my last transfer already.....crazy how fast time passes.

Family, First OFF NANO CONGRATS!! Thats awesome! So happy for you guys and Reese is a keeper for sure. Just because he is more Christensen as well... haha Mom&Dad- Mom way to be a champ and arrive just on time. Glad you like your new calling and I hope you enjoy your week there taking care of Nano. Dad, your a spritual stud. Way to find the keys. haha Work hard and keep ridding that bike. Your the man. Lambsons! Halloween already? Thats awesome! Like the ideas. Jen way to help out but that is a bummer that you missed seeing Reese. Have a great week of Tricks and Treats! Love you guys. W&S&B- Wyoming! Thats so sick! Glad you made it there and that the hospital isnt too sketch. Keep working hard bro and for sure we are going ice fishing/snow mobiling when I get there. Kodras!- NANO YOUR NOT PREGNANT ANYMORE! good feeling? haha glad all went well and it appears that everything was a lot easier than when Maggs came. Love you kiddos and I hope the transition back home goes well.

Alright so these past weeks I must admit. I havent bought anyone anything.. Please send me a shopping list of everything that everyone would like and I will try my best near the end to get all of it. Pictures will come next week then...
Com amor da coração

Monday, October 19, 2015

Baptisms Date: Mon, 19 Oct 2015

Hey family!,

So this week was pretty great. Just like the subject suggests, we had 2 baptisms this weekend. Nyra and Nielyda! One is the daughter of Sandro (who I am sure you guys have already heard about and have seen in the pics i have sent) and the other is his neice. They have been coming to church for quite sometime already and they already recieved basically all the lessons when I got here. Super awesome people. The reason the two have been held up so long on the baptisms was that the moms of each of them both thought they were too young and didnt really know what they were doing.. (Nyra- 11 and Nielyda with 9) but then the hour came when we really were trying to help them out that the mom sat down in front of the 9 yr old and asked her all these questions of why? and What does it really mean? and Nielyda just layed it down! She is so smart and she just bore her own testimony to her mom and convinced her that it was something that God needed her to do. Spirit was super strong! Love that in the church, a childs knowledge can confound the old and so called wise. Great experience and it was a really special week for Sando.
In other news about the work. We also found a lady named Julia while we were looking for a less active member. She is so open and loves us. She has two little ones and is just progressing super fast. She loved church and she really is studying and listening. It was an awesome find and 100% guided by the spirit. Hopefully she will continue to progress and we can talk to the husband this week two to see if she will accept a date for Baptism as well. I am SO HAPPY. I know that there are a lot of things that are still blowing up and going wrong around me and whatever small drama that the mission creates sometimes. But It hit me yesterday in church! I am just so naturally and comfortably happy. Gotta preach till I drop then.
This next week will also be the last week of this transfer.. I know its all jacked up. But this transfer ends and the last transfer of my mission will be 7 weeks as opposed to 6. (still get home at the same time and everything)  So look forward to Transfer news and what happens here in Geisel and what it will look like in the end for me. I would be surprised if I left for sure but I would also be surprised if the other Elders in house stayed. SO something has got to change. Should be an interesting week!

Family- M&D- House looks great! Good work people. I finnished reading Emails and I was like.. well.. looks like mom didnt want to write then.  Almost 2 years straight but looks like she just got tired of writting..ha (I got your email though.. now worries) Dad your a stud. The thought of 3 Hours on the bike makes me sick. Lambsons- Vacation! Happy B-Day JEN!!! whoot whoot! Para Bems então! Glad you are fillin your role as our second mom and taking care of nano. keep it up! W&S&B- Enjoy the Hotel for the next few weeks then! haha Hope all goes well with the transition. Kodras- NANO! Hang in there one more week! You can do it girl! Dig deep.. haha Enjoyed the sports update Anton but I am pretty sure if you say anything about sports during the labor, my sister will ring your throut.. haha 

Family, I love you but I dont miss you too much.
Lets get too it. 7 (8 but lets be honest the last one will be almost nothing) more emails until home!
Fica firme e forte! Até próximo gente!
Elder Christensen

ps the leg picture is a story... super funny. Just wait till after the mission..
Oh hey and the fireside stuff if whatever.. anytime anyplace I will be there.. dont know how many good pictures of stories I have but I will do whatever...

Monday, October 12, 2015

Happy Birthday everyone!‏ Date: October 12, 2015 at 8:13

Hey there people! 

What's up! I am 21? Craaazy talk. Man Well this week pretty much flew by for me! So yeah it started off pretty normal and we have been working a ton. Then about friday night, all the parties just went a-wall. We had chinese food with a part member family that is dope. Then we ate 2 more cakes on the day of my Birthday with some family and then that night we all went over to Sandros place and ate Açaí for dayzz..IT was a sick birthday and I am so gratefull for all these wonderful people in the ward. Man there are some good eggs over here. Sunday we brought a lady to church but is was the church in the afternoon and we actually found her on my birthday. I was a really quick, "Hey do you live here? Yeah awesome. Want to go to church tomorrow? - Sure... - Alright then." haha So yeah we went to the other ward that has there church in the afternoon. She is a really great lady and super nice. The original desire to visit was just to see how it was like but I really think she enjoyed it and maybe she has more of a purpose to take what we will teach more seriously now. But yep it was good. Also on sunday, I gave a talk that the bishop had told me about like 3 weeks ago when I first got here but never reminded me of. The church is being renevated and so the whole chapel is reduced to bricks and dust on the ground and no pulpit and no sound system. Also nobody wanted to use the fans cause everyone thought that they would die if the turned on the fans, and therefor the  lights had to be turned off because aparrently the light and energy needed will make it hotter... yeah.. but hey at least there isnt such a thing as glueten free bread here... haha (jk people these are all jokes. dont be offended) The catch fraze for the week was "The church is still true". SO yeah anyways It was a good talk I think. People laughed at my jokes.. I pretty much use the same material every talk I have to give so it was good. Talked about the Conference talk from april about the Music and Dancing. Got to have both. (aka Spirit and the funcions of the church) it was good. Then yeah Idk it was overall a great week and time is really just flying by. 

Family- Mom&Dad!- Merry Christmas! haha put West to work then and hope it looks good in the end! Love you guys and stay strong in the callings. You may not relize it from your angle but taking it from mine.. I would kill for just one Person that fulfilled their calling well.. So be the best Counciler or whatever comes and the lord will see it. Thats all that matters in the end. Lambsons! Happy Birthday Ellese! I remember that when you were born, you almost shared a spot with Simba on the Lion King Stage! haha Love ya Jen. Have a great visit helping out nano. W&S&B- hey there moving people! Thats awesome you guys are with the rents! On to the next experience now! Just in time for the Snow Tornados! haha Hope the trip is a success!  Go broncos.. or something like that. Kodras! - Hey the light is at the end of the tunnel right! Thats awsome that He is coming already! 2 Kodra Kids equils Krazy. Love you guys and hang in there nano! Thanks for the countdown... haha Yeah and what is this mom. Take down the flight plan! haha Crazy people..I will get home and it will be cool for like 1 day. Then you will all want me gone again... haha 

But hey dont worry about me. Im just having the time of my life and I am more full of energy than ever before. I love my mission. Also I studied ALMA 18:34 as my Ponderizer scripture this week. Super humble guy and just wanted to serve the lord. Good scripture. Also do you know the end of the stroy about Jonah and the Whale! haha super good and reminds us that we need to stay humble and love all people.

Alright well stay frosty there my people! Até próxima semana então meu queridos!

Monday, October 5, 2015


crazy dayzz Date: Mon, 5 Oct 2015

Hey Family!,

Hope this letter finds you well and I hope you all enjoyed conference weekend! So yeah working this week was pretty great. We have been making a lot of contacts and trying to find people to get to church and all the good stuff but it was all kinda confusing with this week being conference weekend and that we would have to go to church in another neighberhood so it was kinda hard to really get people there. But we had a cool experience with a lady sitting down in the park. We were challenged find someone and mark their baptism in the same contact (with only 30 to find this person) this week by our ZL and yeah normally its kinda shallow but anyways we are hunting people down and in the last minute we decided to talk to this lady sitting down in the park. So we start to talk about baptism and the purpose of it and she started to feel the spirit and then she started to cry. But yeah she accepted a Baptism Date for 2 weeks in the future. It most likely wont happen cause she didnt go to conference. But she also has daughters that for sure would be blessed by the gospel so we will work with her this week. 

Alright well yeah Conference was sick. Kinda crazy and in typical fashon, things here in Brazil have a habit of not working properly so we listened to the conference instead of watching it... (for the first session at least) then after that we watched a little. THe sound sistem was super lame and didnt really work to hear anything. So sunday I got tired of all the garbage and asked for the keys to the secretary room and watch in english with the other american that wasnt understanding a thing.. so yeah Sunday was a lot better. BUT I LOVED ALL THE TALKS! dang the church is true. E. Holland #shoutOUTtoTHEmoms! Love you mom. All the talks were really good. Loved the talk from Russel M Nelson as well. The 3 new apostles are perfect. I am like a crazy groupy of the 70 and the apostles since the start of my misson so is it crazy to say I already new everything about them before they got called? haha No but I am really exited to see what they will bring to the Quorme. Pres. Monson was for sure weak but he is my hero. Love that man.

keep in there and read the talks again! I will for sure and Im so down for the scripture a day challange! Vamos ser PONDERIZERS! haha
love ya guys, tchau até próxima semana então.