Monday, October 19, 2015

Baptisms Date: Mon, 19 Oct 2015

Hey family!,

So this week was pretty great. Just like the subject suggests, we had 2 baptisms this weekend. Nyra and Nielyda! One is the daughter of Sandro (who I am sure you guys have already heard about and have seen in the pics i have sent) and the other is his neice. They have been coming to church for quite sometime already and they already recieved basically all the lessons when I got here. Super awesome people. The reason the two have been held up so long on the baptisms was that the moms of each of them both thought they were too young and didnt really know what they were doing.. (Nyra- 11 and Nielyda with 9) but then the hour came when we really were trying to help them out that the mom sat down in front of the 9 yr old and asked her all these questions of why? and What does it really mean? and Nielyda just layed it down! She is so smart and she just bore her own testimony to her mom and convinced her that it was something that God needed her to do. Spirit was super strong! Love that in the church, a childs knowledge can confound the old and so called wise. Great experience and it was a really special week for Sando.
In other news about the work. We also found a lady named Julia while we were looking for a less active member. She is so open and loves us. She has two little ones and is just progressing super fast. She loved church and she really is studying and listening. It was an awesome find and 100% guided by the spirit. Hopefully she will continue to progress and we can talk to the husband this week two to see if she will accept a date for Baptism as well. I am SO HAPPY. I know that there are a lot of things that are still blowing up and going wrong around me and whatever small drama that the mission creates sometimes. But It hit me yesterday in church! I am just so naturally and comfortably happy. Gotta preach till I drop then.
This next week will also be the last week of this transfer.. I know its all jacked up. But this transfer ends and the last transfer of my mission will be 7 weeks as opposed to 6. (still get home at the same time and everything)  So look forward to Transfer news and what happens here in Geisel and what it will look like in the end for me. I would be surprised if I left for sure but I would also be surprised if the other Elders in house stayed. SO something has got to change. Should be an interesting week!

Family- M&D- House looks great! Good work people. I finnished reading Emails and I was like.. well.. looks like mom didnt want to write then.  Almost 2 years straight but looks like she just got tired of writting..ha (I got your email though.. now worries) Dad your a stud. The thought of 3 Hours on the bike makes me sick. Lambsons- Vacation! Happy B-Day JEN!!! whoot whoot! Para Bems então! Glad you are fillin your role as our second mom and taking care of nano. keep it up! W&S&B- Enjoy the Hotel for the next few weeks then! haha Hope all goes well with the transition. Kodras- NANO! Hang in there one more week! You can do it girl! Dig deep.. haha Enjoyed the sports update Anton but I am pretty sure if you say anything about sports during the labor, my sister will ring your throut.. haha 

Family, I love you but I dont miss you too much.
Lets get too it. 7 (8 but lets be honest the last one will be almost nothing) more emails until home!
Fica firme e forte! Até próximo gente!
Elder Christensen

ps the leg picture is a story... super funny. Just wait till after the mission..
Oh hey and the fireside stuff if whatever.. anytime anyplace I will be there.. dont know how many good pictures of stories I have but I will do whatever...

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