Monday, October 5, 2015

crazy dayzz Date: Mon, 5 Oct 2015

Hey Family!,

Hope this letter finds you well and I hope you all enjoyed conference weekend! So yeah working this week was pretty great. We have been making a lot of contacts and trying to find people to get to church and all the good stuff but it was all kinda confusing with this week being conference weekend and that we would have to go to church in another neighberhood so it was kinda hard to really get people there. But we had a cool experience with a lady sitting down in the park. We were challenged find someone and mark their baptism in the same contact (with only 30 to find this person) this week by our ZL and yeah normally its kinda shallow but anyways we are hunting people down and in the last minute we decided to talk to this lady sitting down in the park. So we start to talk about baptism and the purpose of it and she started to feel the spirit and then she started to cry. But yeah she accepted a Baptism Date for 2 weeks in the future. It most likely wont happen cause she didnt go to conference. But she also has daughters that for sure would be blessed by the gospel so we will work with her this week. 

Alright well yeah Conference was sick. Kinda crazy and in typical fashon, things here in Brazil have a habit of not working properly so we listened to the conference instead of watching it... (for the first session at least) then after that we watched a little. THe sound sistem was super lame and didnt really work to hear anything. So sunday I got tired of all the garbage and asked for the keys to the secretary room and watch in english with the other american that wasnt understanding a thing.. so yeah Sunday was a lot better. BUT I LOVED ALL THE TALKS! dang the church is true. E. Holland #shoutOUTtoTHEmoms! Love you mom. All the talks were really good. Loved the talk from Russel M Nelson as well. The 3 new apostles are perfect. I am like a crazy groupy of the 70 and the apostles since the start of my misson so is it crazy to say I already new everything about them before they got called? haha No but I am really exited to see what they will bring to the Quorme. Pres. Monson was for sure weak but he is my hero. Love that man.

keep in there and read the talks again! I will for sure and Im so down for the scripture a day challange! Vamos ser PONDERIZERS! haha
love ya guys, tchau até próxima semana então.

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