Monday, October 12, 2015

Happy Birthday everyone!‏ Date: October 12, 2015 at 8:13

Hey there people! 

What's up! I am 21? Craaazy talk. Man Well this week pretty much flew by for me! So yeah it started off pretty normal and we have been working a ton. Then about friday night, all the parties just went a-wall. We had chinese food with a part member family that is dope. Then we ate 2 more cakes on the day of my Birthday with some family and then that night we all went over to Sandros place and ate Açaí for dayzz..IT was a sick birthday and I am so gratefull for all these wonderful people in the ward. Man there are some good eggs over here. Sunday we brought a lady to church but is was the church in the afternoon and we actually found her on my birthday. I was a really quick, "Hey do you live here? Yeah awesome. Want to go to church tomorrow? - Sure... - Alright then." haha So yeah we went to the other ward that has there church in the afternoon. She is a really great lady and super nice. The original desire to visit was just to see how it was like but I really think she enjoyed it and maybe she has more of a purpose to take what we will teach more seriously now. But yep it was good. Also on sunday, I gave a talk that the bishop had told me about like 3 weeks ago when I first got here but never reminded me of. The church is being renevated and so the whole chapel is reduced to bricks and dust on the ground and no pulpit and no sound system. Also nobody wanted to use the fans cause everyone thought that they would die if the turned on the fans, and therefor the  lights had to be turned off because aparrently the light and energy needed will make it hotter... yeah.. but hey at least there isnt such a thing as glueten free bread here... haha (jk people these are all jokes. dont be offended) The catch fraze for the week was "The church is still true". SO yeah anyways It was a good talk I think. People laughed at my jokes.. I pretty much use the same material every talk I have to give so it was good. Talked about the Conference talk from april about the Music and Dancing. Got to have both. (aka Spirit and the funcions of the church) it was good. Then yeah Idk it was overall a great week and time is really just flying by. 

Family- Mom&Dad!- Merry Christmas! haha put West to work then and hope it looks good in the end! Love you guys and stay strong in the callings. You may not relize it from your angle but taking it from mine.. I would kill for just one Person that fulfilled their calling well.. So be the best Counciler or whatever comes and the lord will see it. Thats all that matters in the end. Lambsons! Happy Birthday Ellese! I remember that when you were born, you almost shared a spot with Simba on the Lion King Stage! haha Love ya Jen. Have a great visit helping out nano. W&S&B- hey there moving people! Thats awesome you guys are with the rents! On to the next experience now! Just in time for the Snow Tornados! haha Hope the trip is a success!  Go broncos.. or something like that. Kodras! - Hey the light is at the end of the tunnel right! Thats awsome that He is coming already! 2 Kodra Kids equils Krazy. Love you guys and hang in there nano! Thanks for the countdown... haha Yeah and what is this mom. Take down the flight plan! haha Crazy people..I will get home and it will be cool for like 1 day. Then you will all want me gone again... haha 

But hey dont worry about me. Im just having the time of my life and I am more full of energy than ever before. I love my mission. Also I studied ALMA 18:34 as my Ponderizer scripture this week. Super humble guy and just wanted to serve the lord. Good scripture. Also do you know the end of the stroy about Jonah and the Whale! haha super good and reminds us that we need to stay humble and love all people.

Alright well stay frosty there my people! Até próxima semana então meu queridos!

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