Monday, June 30, 2014

TRANSFERS!!‏ Mon, 30 Jun 2014 12:0

Hey family.
SO first things first! Transfers came. I am leaving... I know crazy. I am admittedly super bummed because of all the people here that I will be leaving. Aghhh I hate loving these people so much! But I would have it no other way. So yep I am outta here. My new area is RITZVILLE, Washington!! Boonie of DAYS!! haha Craziest part about it is that Elder Hansen just spent 6 months there right before he came to train me so I will be going up to his people. So I am excited for that though. Really stoked to see a different place but Lewiston has my heart right now. My new companion is Elder Tickonane' (spelling?) and he is from Kirabatis (some Island by Fiji). I AM SO STOKED TO HAVE AN ISLANDER AS A COMP!! haha Yeah I haven't heard to much about him but he has been out a year and has been in the area for 2 transfers already so at least I have someone that can introduce me to people rather than Sweeping in blind like me and Elder Hansen had to do here. So yeah its going to be great! I am leaving tomorrow so tonight is going to be a bunch of visiting all the people I love. TERRY is top of the list and I am going to make sure I stay in contact with that man! And Peggy told me once way back in the day that she tried friend requesting me on Facebook so idk but yeah I can get you her email if you really want it. 

This week and last few weeks have been a lot of learning. I think looking back on all of it I can see just how much my patience and testimony have been stretched and pulled but also how much stronger it is as well. I am changing... crazy to think but I am becoming a different person. I know that whatever our path is, however windy and narrow and jagged it may look and feel, will always take us somewhere better. I read some General Conference talks from a few weeks back that have really been a help to me. BY FAR they are my top favorite talks of all time. Elder Hollands - "Lord, I believe" and Elder Bednars - "Converted Unto the Lord" Such amazing talks! "In this Church, what we know will always trump what we do not know. And remember, in this world, everyone is to walk by faith."    I know that there are going to be times when my faith is tested or I feel like I don't know enough about what to do or how to handle it but what I do know, what I know about God's love for me and each and everyone of us, will always trump all the fear or sorrow or frustrations that come with being a missionary. I feel so blessed to be able to serve! So.. I feel like just mentioning now that my FBI clearance in Houston is expired so now I have to reapply for one and all that business so yeah not to happy about that but oh well. Not going to go to BRAZIL soon but that doesn't stop be from cheering them on in the World Cup! haha Apparently my prayer was sufficient for the victory Saturday haha!

You guys sound awesome. I get such long emails from all of you! Mom and Dad! Are you guys ever home? haha I feel like you are traveling all the time. Have fun in Texas! Better be BIG! (Missionaries in Spokane are to treat the 4th as just another day... so since we are supposed to retire to bed around 10:30 and be in the house by 9, that pretty much eliminates any chance of seeing FIRE do its WORK!) Thanks for the green chili! It's incredible! haha Not too spicy but the flavor alone is enough! Little taste of NM. Aunt Andrea! Thank you for the letter! It was hands down the best letter I have ever read in my life. (not and exaggeration) jk your the greatest. Lambsons! Your letter cracked me up Jen. haha I know exactly how those emails were made and while I would love to give Ellese the credit to an entire paragraph I know better haha! You guys are incredible! Keep livin summer to the fullest! Conway! I literally spent ever hour in the summer at Rover Park! Historic land right there. West&Stasia! Glad to see you are getting into the swing of things there! Now you have internet and callings, your pretty much running that town. Have a fun 4th with the parents! Make fun of DAD for me. I picture flag painted crocs for some reason. Kodras! Japan seems like the best place you guys could be. Enjoy being a family again!  Make sure to send me your best Japanese tourist impression next time you send pictures!!
Alright, the end of the letter has come. I love you guys and I am sooooo STOKED for Ritzville! 
Love Much, Te Amo vocês!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

GO Brazil!!‏ Date: June 23, 2014 at 3:45

Minha Familia, I love you very much!,
First off, my week was not too entertaining and I never really remember them fully anyways... But life has been good here in the Lewiston Valley. On Tuesday of last week, we picked up 4 new investigators in Lapwai which was really exciting and we are stoked to go there tomorrow to follow up with all these awesome people we found! Funny how we have more progressing investigators 10 miles out of town then we do in the actual town of Lewiston. So yeah we are really excited for tomorrow. Peggy is struggling... but we are trying to keep here spirits up. Life is just hard for her right now and now being able to work is defiantly an influence. She will learn from all of this though.. We also had the chance to really reach out and talk to some other less active members of the ward. Turns out a lot of them are just medically restricted and are totally faithful despite their inability to come. I never would have guessed that one of my favorite pastimes on the mission is chillin' in the backyard with some old people and complaining about the squirrels. I love it. We were able to do a bunch of service for people on Saturday and it looks like this next week is going to be massively busy. (if all goes well!) Transfer calls or next Sunday night so I will let you all know my fate next letter.
 Keep cheering on good old RED, WHITE, and AZULE! They are going to win it all this year. (reason being that missionary work will progress soooo much if they do. ALMA 32:13 is the scriptural reference here. WE WILL DRIVE THE OTHER COUNTRIES DOWN INTO DEPRESSION!) Unless brazil does.. either way that would be sick!! Are you going for Mexico or what west?
Alright well, you guys are the best! Know that I love you.
Talk to you more next week,
k tchao

Monday, June 16, 2014

FIFA FIESTA‏ Sent: Mon 6/16/14 2:26 PM

OPA! What it do what it do!
Minha Familia! 

I love you guys soo much! This week has been pretty sweet I guess. Not to many stories but it was a productive missionary week. Haven't been able to teach Terry that often. Peggy found a job. World Cup started. So much yet not a whole lot to talk about. I loved getting your package with all the FIFA stuff. I made my predictions and what not and stay informed on the results kinda. I know that as a missionary this probably seems odd but there is a whole bunch of down time in this kinda life style so instead I fill it with useless FIFA information. haha I am still focused on the work!, no worries. On Sunday, (FATHERS DAY) yours truly gave a talk! haha no doubt I gave a few shout outs to you POPs and I mentioned that one time we were at Olive Garden and we were locked out of the car for a while because you forgot that you put the keys in you sock. I honestly don't really remember all the details or even if this was as dramatic as I remember but don't worry I got the whole congregation laughing. Your legend in Lewiston now! I gave a talk on priesthood keys and how they were given to Joseph for the RESTORATION of the gospel. Hence the reference to dad loosing them. We picked up a new investigator in Lapwai (I believe I mentioned this in the last letter) and so we have been traveling out there pretty frequently. There are these huge wheat fields that we have to pass through and we stopped to get some great pictures. The field is not yet completely "white and already to harvest" but it's getting there. So expect those pictures here in a few weeks. I am convinced that when the fields turn white, that Terry will overcome and be ready to be baptized! I really do love that man! I feel like I talk about him a lot but here is another story that shows just why I love him so much. We were teaching him last Monday night and after the lesson we are talking about Brazil (because I never mentioned to him that I could leave whenever I get my VISA) and he said, "Dang, well i have to get over this tobacco thing soon so that your here when I get baptized!" Melt your heart out right! Idk if he will before the transfer but If I survive and stay here in Lewiston 2nd ward then I will be able to see it go down. Is it weird that I am praying to stay rather than leave? 

Family, you sound great as always. Mom, if you could send greenchili that would be much appreciated but I have no idea how you would make it happen. Thanks for Dallin's Email.  Dad. HAPPY FATHERS DAY! You're the best. I love you with all my heart and I am so honored to call you my father! Sorry I gave you a hard time in sacrament without you being there to back yourself up but I figured it was signature Davis sacrament talk story with all the exaggerated parts. Sorry the Heat didn't pull it out for us.. LEBRON IS SOOO MUCH BETTER THAN JORDAN!!

K guys I love you all. But I love my mission more. Gotta get back to teaching a preaching!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Livin' the Lewstonian Dream!‏ Sent: Mon 6/09/14 3:56 PM

Oi Minha Familia,

So I was halfway down my letter when it just all the sudden closed on me and I lost what I had previously typed so that's awesome.
Anyways, haha Yeah this week hasn't been a whole lot different so here we go. Started off on Monday night when Terry calls us and tells us that his brother that has cancer is doing worse, so in turn he would be gone all week... So we decided to not let that get us down and so in an effort to keep things rolling we are trying really hard to find new investigators. We headed down to this small Indian town called Lapwai and hit up some names that we saw in the area book. We get there and start talking to these people and its kind of a rough neighborhood but we found a brand new investigator and retouched with a Less Active that we going to involve more with teaching when he head down. So all in all, Lapwai is sweet. The people just need one or two solid baptisms we think and then the work might take off. Lapwai Lamennites are coming around. So that's probably one of the more interesting things that we have been doing as far as work around here. Oh also about Terry again. And this is a sweet story but the way the paragraph is already worded it's not worth going back and trying to fit it in. So yeah Terry is the man. He makes it to church yesterday and normally all he has time for is one hour and then he has to go take care of he farm. So as soon as sacrament is over we plead and ask if he can stay for another hour to which he tells us he can't. So we think nothing of it and go and try to talk to some new faces we didn't recognize.. THEN we get to the Gospel Essentials class and there sitting in the classroom is TERRY! my man. So anyways we play it all cool like, "oh hey Terry nice to see you here" (while inside I want to bear hug him) and then the lesson starts. The teacher is a sub and she starts off kinda awkward about it but as we move on it keeps getting better and better, we talk about Repentance and how we can use it to overcome trials and improve ourselves and low and behold it is the greatest, most powerful lesson that we have had at Sunday yet. Terry was super impressed and started to get really into it. (he has been struggling with some w.o.w stuff) So yeah afterwords Terry was so stoked he stayed and he said, "Yep, I just knew I should stay this week." ! I love that man. I hope this will give him some more inspiration to overcome this last hill on his path to Baptism! Should be seeing him tonight and I keep telling him that I want to help him with cows but I don't know what his plan is. 

So yeah this next week should be sweet. I have been playing the Ukulele like a mad man. I pretty much walk in the door and start playing around with it. I borrowed it from Elder Folu (from New Zealand) and just haven't really given it back. I jokingly mentioned to a member the other day that he should buy me one when he goes to Cancun this week and he just might actually hook me up. I figured it is small enough that if I ever had to pack it and take it to Brazil I could...

Alright I love you guys! Good to hear all the news from back home. (p.s. do you have dallin parkers email?) 
Te amo voces!

attached are some pictures of Johnson before he left. In one picture he is wearing a sick dope "Hot Dog Salsa" shirt. I wanted it so bad but no dice on the trade. I guess I will just have to hit a few more yard sales when street contacting