Wednesday, June 25, 2014

GO Brazil!!‏ Date: June 23, 2014 at 3:45

Minha Familia, I love you very much!,
First off, my week was not too entertaining and I never really remember them fully anyways... But life has been good here in the Lewiston Valley. On Tuesday of last week, we picked up 4 new investigators in Lapwai which was really exciting and we are stoked to go there tomorrow to follow up with all these awesome people we found! Funny how we have more progressing investigators 10 miles out of town then we do in the actual town of Lewiston. So yeah we are really excited for tomorrow. Peggy is struggling... but we are trying to keep here spirits up. Life is just hard for her right now and now being able to work is defiantly an influence. She will learn from all of this though.. We also had the chance to really reach out and talk to some other less active members of the ward. Turns out a lot of them are just medically restricted and are totally faithful despite their inability to come. I never would have guessed that one of my favorite pastimes on the mission is chillin' in the backyard with some old people and complaining about the squirrels. I love it. We were able to do a bunch of service for people on Saturday and it looks like this next week is going to be massively busy. (if all goes well!) Transfer calls or next Sunday night so I will let you all know my fate next letter.
 Keep cheering on good old RED, WHITE, and AZULE! They are going to win it all this year. (reason being that missionary work will progress soooo much if they do. ALMA 32:13 is the scriptural reference here. WE WILL DRIVE THE OTHER COUNTRIES DOWN INTO DEPRESSION!) Unless brazil does.. either way that would be sick!! Are you going for Mexico or what west?
Alright well, you guys are the best! Know that I love you.
Talk to you more next week,
k tchao

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