Monday, June 30, 2014

TRANSFERS!!‏ Mon, 30 Jun 2014 12:0

Hey family.
SO first things first! Transfers came. I am leaving... I know crazy. I am admittedly super bummed because of all the people here that I will be leaving. Aghhh I hate loving these people so much! But I would have it no other way. So yep I am outta here. My new area is RITZVILLE, Washington!! Boonie of DAYS!! haha Craziest part about it is that Elder Hansen just spent 6 months there right before he came to train me so I will be going up to his people. So I am excited for that though. Really stoked to see a different place but Lewiston has my heart right now. My new companion is Elder Tickonane' (spelling?) and he is from Kirabatis (some Island by Fiji). I AM SO STOKED TO HAVE AN ISLANDER AS A COMP!! haha Yeah I haven't heard to much about him but he has been out a year and has been in the area for 2 transfers already so at least I have someone that can introduce me to people rather than Sweeping in blind like me and Elder Hansen had to do here. So yeah its going to be great! I am leaving tomorrow so tonight is going to be a bunch of visiting all the people I love. TERRY is top of the list and I am going to make sure I stay in contact with that man! And Peggy told me once way back in the day that she tried friend requesting me on Facebook so idk but yeah I can get you her email if you really want it. 

This week and last few weeks have been a lot of learning. I think looking back on all of it I can see just how much my patience and testimony have been stretched and pulled but also how much stronger it is as well. I am changing... crazy to think but I am becoming a different person. I know that whatever our path is, however windy and narrow and jagged it may look and feel, will always take us somewhere better. I read some General Conference talks from a few weeks back that have really been a help to me. BY FAR they are my top favorite talks of all time. Elder Hollands - "Lord, I believe" and Elder Bednars - "Converted Unto the Lord" Such amazing talks! "In this Church, what we know will always trump what we do not know. And remember, in this world, everyone is to walk by faith."    I know that there are going to be times when my faith is tested or I feel like I don't know enough about what to do or how to handle it but what I do know, what I know about God's love for me and each and everyone of us, will always trump all the fear or sorrow or frustrations that come with being a missionary. I feel so blessed to be able to serve! So.. I feel like just mentioning now that my FBI clearance in Houston is expired so now I have to reapply for one and all that business so yeah not to happy about that but oh well. Not going to go to BRAZIL soon but that doesn't stop be from cheering them on in the World Cup! haha Apparently my prayer was sufficient for the victory Saturday haha!

You guys sound awesome. I get such long emails from all of you! Mom and Dad! Are you guys ever home? haha I feel like you are traveling all the time. Have fun in Texas! Better be BIG! (Missionaries in Spokane are to treat the 4th as just another day... so since we are supposed to retire to bed around 10:30 and be in the house by 9, that pretty much eliminates any chance of seeing FIRE do its WORK!) Thanks for the green chili! It's incredible! haha Not too spicy but the flavor alone is enough! Little taste of NM. Aunt Andrea! Thank you for the letter! It was hands down the best letter I have ever read in my life. (not and exaggeration) jk your the greatest. Lambsons! Your letter cracked me up Jen. haha I know exactly how those emails were made and while I would love to give Ellese the credit to an entire paragraph I know better haha! You guys are incredible! Keep livin summer to the fullest! Conway! I literally spent ever hour in the summer at Rover Park! Historic land right there. West&Stasia! Glad to see you are getting into the swing of things there! Now you have internet and callings, your pretty much running that town. Have a fun 4th with the parents! Make fun of DAD for me. I picture flag painted crocs for some reason. Kodras! Japan seems like the best place you guys could be. Enjoy being a family again!  Make sure to send me your best Japanese tourist impression next time you send pictures!!
Alright, the end of the letter has come. I love you guys and I am sooooo STOKED for Ritzville! 
Love Much, Te Amo vocês!

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