Monday, July 7, 2014

Happy Birthday America!‏ Sent:Mon 7/07/14 5:04 PM

So glad to hear from all of you and excited to hear from Stasia!!! CONGRATS!!! That's so awesome! (aka Kamimi in katibus language) Little Brooklyn Ray! Adorable!! I love it! You guys are incredible and I know you will raise HER right!

So my week has been interesting, exciting, slow and yet its just another week as a missionary. I love that no matter where I am on my mission, day in and day out, everyday is dedicated to preaching the gospel. And that never changes.. haha But yeah Ritzville Washington is quite the place. Its small for sure but not as small as Elder Hansen made it out to be in my head. They have a highschool, a few gas stations, a subway and McDonald's so its not too small.. I love the people I have meet so far! The members here are way sick because they know how the mission work is there and they do there best to support and give love to us. Some quality people here for sure and I am excited to begin working with them. On the 4th of July we got permission to stay out until 9:30 in order to watch the beginning of the firework display! So sick. We probably could have seen it from our place anyways but we went to the church to be with the members and to get a better view. So yeah I got to celebrate America's birthday with the rest of ya! We also have a band new investigator that we were able to teach and it looks like there is some potential there! He lives right next to our BRANCH mission leader so its pretty tight! Other things to know about Ritzville..  it IS actually an hour away from other missionaries. Everything around it is way flat. About 30 miles outside of town you start to see all the lush Washington evergreens fade and it just turns into wheat fields! 

Elder Tekanene is way sick. Defiantly an Islander haha but he is a little quite. Everyday he seem to open up more so that is better but being in such a slow area for such a long time has defiantly played a factor in that. We are excited to work together some more this next week. It was hard to say goodbye to Terry and Peggy and all the people I love out in Lewiston, but its all good. I will just have to visit them with you guys if you ever want to go on a mission tour after the mission. They are also talking about letting missionaries start to Email their recent converts (it wasn't allowed before just because they are in the same mission boundaries) but yeah I would be all over that! 

W 10th St.
Ritzville, WA

My pants were repaired by Sister Nelson in Ritzville! She is the Branch Mission Leader's wife and she is THE BEST!
I have to do all the fingerprinting and VISA business tomorrow because that's the only time I can get everything done at once. But on the bright side the guy that runs that in the Sheriffs office is in the Ward. Brother Banner is legit and he will make sure I get it all done right.

Hope this letter suffices for most of your questions! Let me know if I did a good enough job next week and I will make sure to answer them!
Te Amo Vocês MUITO!

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