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This last week seemed like one of those that just barely crept along and then all at once the end of the week just got slammed tight with awesome lessons and experiences. So to skip all of the lame stuff we will go to Saturday. A brand new family just moved into this outside town like 45 min away from Ritzville and they were at church 2 weeks ago. The wife is a member that grew up in a less active home and she just decided to start coming back and taking online classes through church related programs. She married this guy named David, who is not a member, like 4 months ago and they are kinda like the Brady Bunch with kids from both sides. Anyways he is really interested in learning more about the church! He apparently has some ties to Brigham Young and he said in our lesson that, "He has just always felt like he was being pulled towards to the LDS church." I asked if he wanted to be Baptized as soon as he felt of the truthfulness of this gospel and he said "well ya for sure I would" haha It was the best! I love this family! They are incredible! They came to church yesterday and for whatever reason the speaker went on a 10 min tangent on how awesome Brigham Young was and I was loving it. I kept leaning forward in my seat to look at David! haha Yeah yesterday was a crazy day actually.

Funny story, We have this investigator in town who is pretty much crazy and she has been in an out of rehab and church and whatnot but she is the nicest person ever. We get a call from her like 10 min before we have Sacrament with a 7 min long voicemail (no joke) saying that she needs a ride to church. So we grab Brother K (who is slightly crazy as well) and we head out in his tiny car covered in dirt to go pick up our investigator. We are driving at most 5 miles under the speed limit and his trunk keeps popping open so we have to stop every block or so to close it. We eventually just decide there is no hope saving it so we ride with it open. We finally reach her and pretty much force her in the car because by now its almost 10 after the hour and we might miss sacrament. She starts jokingly yelling at brother K while he is driving to "Put the PEDDLE  to the METAL or we gonna miss the free food!"... yeah .. I know... she is a process.. haha but we eventually get there as they are on the last verse of the sacrament hymn . #madeit #NotAReverentMorning

These pictures are from elder folu..old stuff but I hope you enjoy it!!

​Here are the Hampsterball pictures  from pioneer days in Davenport from last week that i mentioned in my letter. I just happened to be by the computer and just checked to see if he finally forwarded the pictures to me so here you go...

Alright, that about wraps it up I think,
I exercise pretty poorly actually. I am honestly starting to get a belly and I can no longer fit into my suit pants.. all is not well. haha So I need to start getting my act together. We are in a 24/7 car area but our town is small enough to go walking or biking or something. Because I don't have a bike or anything I have to borrow from members. My Branch Mission leader here lent me his electric bike with a motor on the back wheel. It's pretty much a motorcycle that only goes 10 mph haha. NO HEALTH BENEFIT WHATSOEVER! I will have to send pictures sometime. I don't need any extra storage. I still have a few gigs of memory to use on what I came out with so no worries. 

K I think that covers it.


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