Monday, July 21, 2014

what a week..‏ Sent: Mon 7/21/14 1:12 PM

perhaps one of the awesome I have met thus far. They had a whole bunch of direct family names from His side (like his own father and step father) and it was so intense to be allowed to help them out! I was the guy who ran the names under the camera and then checked them off! haha We had like 60 names to do so it was insane! I also had the unique experience to watch my own companion get dunked! haha HOW MANY people can say THAT! It was so funny. He is a tall skinny islander who never really knows what people are saying to him if they talk too fast so yeah it was just a blast. Them good people for sure. Later in the week we did exchanges with the Davenport Elders and I just have to say they probably live in the nicest apartment ever know to missionaries. They are out in the mountains and they live in a members house and they have pretty much free rain to all of there little toys. They have a pool table and a jackpot slot machine and pretty much an entire meat freezer that they can use as they wish. Pretty much its ridiculous. So we went up and had a district meeting there (at which I burned my 6 month mark tie) and then that night me and Elder Goins got a few games of pool in.
The next day me and Elder Goins had a party walking around downtown Davenport at their PioneerDays festival. Needless to say we did a lot of street contacts and just talked to some really cool/weird people. We even got to jump in some hamster balls and Walk on Water!! (if I can get the picture to you it will make more sense. But the member that took some pictures for us hasn't emailed us yet) So yeah it was a nice way to cap off the week. I also had the chance to speak on Sunday so that was pretty good too. I gave a 20 min talk and I still had to cut stuff out on the fly. I guess that's what being a missionary does to you. You have way to many resources on your mind to pull from cause that's all you do for studies!! haha We actually have a new family that moved in the is Part Member and the father and kids are all really interested in learning more about the gosple <she is the member but used to be less active> Golden! I guess they only recently decided to attend since they moved! But we are going to talk with them more this week! 

There is a member here who apparently always serves the elders crap but apparently she was turned off when the last elders forgot an appointment with her and were helping someone move. I will work on her though.. #gottaGetThatCRAB!

I know that Heavenly Father likes to try us and make us stronger. He knows our limits and our abilities and will not push us harder or faster than we have strength. The only thing that we can do sometimes is take things a day at a time. I know that while the eternal perspective is great to have in mind, that isn't how Heavenly Father designed us to live. Sometimes in life we get to carried away looking ahead to see what is in the future, and in the midst of trial that can be a great thing. But in order for us to change our circumstances, to repent, to better the world in which we currently live, it requires very real and very sincere action, and it needs to happen as soon as possible. We have to be nourished and strengthened every single day of our lives. Some days we are blessed with bad ones but most days we are blessed with great ones.  I love being out here! 

Alright everyone! Know that I love you!

ps. I think west gave me a hard time about this but if you see any weird clothing in this pictures just realize that as a missionary, anything different to wear is gold... and since we have a food bank that gives out gnarly clothes for free.. we take pretty much whatever we want.. haha

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