Monday, July 14, 2014

miles and miles of wheat... and nothing Mon, 14 Jul 2014 11:47

Hey Family!
Glad to hear from all of ya! My week has been pretty good and while it is a whole lot slower than Lewiston, I am beginning to love these people and my area.  We keep busy around here by making sure we take care of the little details that normally with would forgotten in another area. We spent a good amount of time trying to make sure all the VISA stuff was good before we sent it. It took some time but Brother Banner, who works in the Sheriffs office was super helpful and gave me a lot of things for free.. namely free fingerprints and advice haha. Then of course being in a small town, people hear about it and want to know, "why are you getting a VISA? where are you going? why aren't you there yet?" kinda deal which I was hoping to avoid.. haha I love it though. give me a change to brag about the 3 lines I have memorized in Portuguese haha. We spent a lot of time driving this week, but to no success. We have probably driven around 300 miles in the past 3 days just to reach out and touch some of the towns that our Branch covers. We really tried to knock on some less active members homes but for whatever reason NO BODY was home or around walking or anything.. It was a bummer but at least I got to see just how big this area is. Looks like we might just do the drive again later this week depending on how much we get bored in town haha. 

what me and elder T eat pretty much every night.. he loves it.. I am becoming a fan. (SPAM, eggs, rice, romen noodles, Shriraka Sauce, and soy terriaki sauce!)

Other exciting news about this coming week is that we get to go to the TEMPLE! what what!? I am so pumped. There are some members here (really sick family, one of my favorites so far) that invited us to go participate in Baptisms for some family names from the fathers side <--convert>. We got permission from the President to help them out because they need another priesthood holder there and since it is going to be in the middle of the day on WED and people usually are working they NEED us!! haha I am excited. And this will be the first time Elder Tekanene has ever done baptisms for the dead considering it costs too much money to fly to Fiji to participate in that. So am really excited for him because they promised to DUNK him as well! Elder T is a convert to the church as well so we might try to get some family names for him to do as well. I have probably already said this a hundred times but I am so stoked!! Elder Tekanene is the best! I love him so much haha! He is the goofiest kid ever. I have never eaten more rice in a single week in my entire life! We get along really well so its been a blast no matter how slow our day feels.

Have a great week! 

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