Monday, August 4, 2014

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Oi Familia!

What it do what it do! This week has been another awesome week in the books.  We had a really long stretch of time between P-days last week considering we had to work on Monday in order to attend the Temple on Friday but (because I don't live and work just to get from p-day to p-day) it wasn't bad. Monday started off with a laugh. Thanks for the Drugs mom! haha still cracks me up. I have not made the cookies yet but I need to. Its hard to find time and motivation to get the oven stared in an apartment with no AC and it is 110 degrees outside. But then the rest of the week went by pretty great. We organized a lot of our efforts and pin pointed some people that are worth working with and created a lot of routes and things so I pretty much know the area down to the dot by now. On wednesday we had a district meeting and then exchanges after. I was in Davenport again and got to play some more pool! We did a whole bunch of service and I met someone who was semi-related to the Cardon's in White Rock so yeah that was cool. We then met with our investigator family (David)  in Oddessa! They are awesome as ever and we had a great lesson. They came to three hours of church yesterday! So stoked about it. But anyways we also had a great experience with teaching a less active / part member family out in Oddessa as well. They have never really been receptive to missionaries before and most of the people in the Branch don't even know them because they apparently never open the door or let anyone from the church in. BUT! We have been getting in recently and I feel like she, (sister R) , is going through a phase after just having had knee surgery and her husband <member> is also looking for something more, more help or peace. Anyways, yeah they LOVE us. No joke, I don't even know why or how but we just really started hitting it off! She is awesome. Holy cow. She keeps promising to make me Snickerdoodle cookies ever time we see them, and the other lesson she said something along the lines of, "Well, I guess we better start coming to church then if you guys are going to keep being so persistent!" haha YES!! She is still pretty restricted with her knee but they will be coming at the end of this month probably! I am really excited about the work going down in this area!

And then to kinda cap it all of we went to the Temple on Friday!! What What! Yeah it was the BEST! New movie in case you haven't heard. Don't know if they have it in Alb or anywhere else yet but I would imagine they do. It has been out for at least a week or so! Anyways, yeah it was a much needed experience. I can testify that there is no place like the temple anywhere else on earth. You can feel the spirit so strong! After the temple we did some shopping in some stores that we never get access to usually. Went to Burlington Coat Factory and let me tell ya, missionaries go ham in that place. SO CHEAP! I have to confess mother... promise not to get mad at me.. I may or may not have bought a grey Suit. !!! haha I KNOW I KNOW but it was sooo worth it and very much needed. 1st reason- Black suit on 100 degree weather Sundays... nao bom! 2nd reason- I AM TOO FAT!! I can no longer call my self a 32 waist. I am at least 34 or 36!! haha Therefore going to all the effort to have someone let out my pants might not even work. 3rd reason- it was only 100 bucks. I'd say that is a screamin deal! 4th reason- last but not least I look dang good in grey.. So yep I did it. 

Alright everone.
Much love, have a great week! BYE


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