Monday, August 18, 2014

SAND STORM & BAPTISM‏ Date: Mon, 18 Aug 2014 11:32:5

Oi Familia,

What a week! probably one of the craziest of my mission but who knows.. Its all pretty much a blur at this point! Before I forget to write about it, This Tuesday we had this crazy dirt storm in Ritzville called a Haboob! haha look it up its no joke! We were in the library just doing some service when all of the sudden there was this lady that went to the door and started freaking out about this wall of dirt! We didn't really pay much attention until she kept going on about it and so we looked from the window and literally saw a wall of dirt headed towards us! If you're having a hard time picturing it just think of the movie the MUMMY! #insane... The windows went black! We walked outside because I wanted the experience of course and I couldn't even see my own hand! It was gnarly! At the end of the storm there were trees in the streets and scattered across the golf course. There was even a huge tree that just crushed this poor house on Division St.! haha Yeah.. I don't even know what it is about the planes of Washington but apparently this happens all the time. SO yeah that's how my week started! ok cool so now that I remembered to tell you guys that Its on to the important stuff! #socialmediablitz #baptism #SOOSICK #mnmspokane
One of my most favorite days on the mission by far! It was so much fun to see how pumped everyone was about missionary work and getting pictures of us and more importantly going out teaching with us! I don't know how many pictures of me you saw but there was a bunch others that were put out by members here and I hope you get to see them! It was a blast! We had some seriously good moments and I think the mission got some really good publicity out of all of this! And then there was the baptism of DAVID!! That man is so awesome! It was incredible to watch him get dunked! Elder T was asked by David to do it because David said he saw it in a dream! How sick is that! So yeah He got baptized and we had everyone from the branch basically there and his kids all came to the Baptism! I have a picture I will send of their family but its kinda blurred so its not my favorite. As far as the next people to be baptized it will definitely  be coming out of this family! On Sunday he got the Holy Ghost and gave an impromptu testimony!! I was smiling so big haha! He thought I put the President up to it! haha Yeah I have found that the more I stay here in the Spokane mission the harder it will be for me to leave this place! I could potentially be here for when this family gets sealed and David goes through the temple and if I were to ever get my VISA it would be hard to not be here for that! #missionaryproblems Love this family though! (Peggy too.. just thought I would add that)

Know that I love you all! Much love!
Te Amo


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