Tuesday, August 26, 2014

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Hey Family,

I wish I had better stories to share with ya but honestly this week was a bunch of meetings and empty houses! David and his family are doing great. The older kids are having a hard time feeling motivated to start this church going life but I can't blame them. It will take some getting used to I think before they start his whole process. Still really great kids though. So yeah we had a zone conference on Wed and then on Saturday we went to see Elder Johnson on the 70 talk to us as he was passing through. Great talk and great meeting but I hate driving so much! Me and Elder Tekanene are really close to the Senior Couple in charge of the mission cars and we told them that there was no way in hadies that we were going to go under our monthly allowed miles of 1600 and we will probably go over by 400 miles. He told me that as long as we get baptisms I can do what ever I want. #AbuseThatPermission haha but seriously other than that we had no luck with anyone in our area. No body is progressing in town. My favorite less actives are out of town. Sometimes Ritzville can be a really hard area but I am gonna be here for a while I think so gotta get comfy. I really do love this place I just hope for more out of it! We have new ZL's in our area and one in particular always asks for rides from us as we approach town and stuff and He is awesome. He is like my best bud. He is super bold in his teaching and pretty much calls everyone out! His stories crack me up and for whatever reason he reminds me so much of West. There ya go bro. I've replaced you.

You guys seem to be all about this ICE challenge thing! I got a bunch of videos but my lame family history computer cannot view them I haven't seen them yet. I will try another computer right after I email this but from what everyone else here tells me about it, It sounds pretty funny. 

I washed a HEFER! We were helping some other elders out at a county fair and walked by some FFA kids that were prepping their cows for show. I stopped and asked one of them if I could help wash their cow and they totally let me! I will attach a picture. Also DAD everyone had a blue cord FFA jacket! I totally felt like part of the group. I was like "I wore one in HS for a WEEK!"

Hopefully I will see the ice bucket stuff! You guys are incredible and know that I love ya.

Com amor todos pessoas!

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