Monday, August 11, 2014

Gonna get DUNKED!‏ Date: Mon, 11 Aug 2014 11:27


This last week was so awesome! As you may have guessed from the title, OUR INVESTIGATOR IS GETTING BAPTIZED!! yeah yeah! Oh it was the sickest lesson ever! We were thinking about it for a while about how we thought David might just be ready to set a date for his baptism. We go in and start talking about any questions he might have and then he says, "So when can someone be baptized, like what does it take?" haha yeah.. he is the man! We set him up for this Saturday, the 16th! We are so stoked I can't even tell you. That whole day we were on cloud nine because right after that we went over to teach my favorite Less Active family in Odessa and she made be a plate of Snicker doodles for us and she kept telling us about how she was excited to come to church at the end of August!  Didn't even phase us that right after that we taught another investigator in town and he started talking about  underground German prophets and there connection to Alien spaceships. Naw, you cant get me down when there is a Baptism in the near future! So yeah like I was saying he is going to be baptized this Saturday evening at 7 o'clock . 
Oh I don't think I have even told you guys about this but on the 16th of Aug, we are also having a SOCIAL MEDIA BLITZ for the people in the Spokane mission boundaries. "The Book of Mormon Musical" is coming to Spokane and the mission has planned out this orchestrated effort to combat all of the negative attention the church will get from that with positive and accurate postings from members in this area about what #RealMormonMissionaries do! They have been planning this for a while and most of the younger members of the wards who actually use Facebook and Instagram and Twitter have been recruited into the effort to shadow us throughout the day and post stuff about what we do! So yep, this is going to be on the 16th, which means that the people shadowing us here will get to post about our baptism!!! Not that I'm a competitive person when it comes to missionary work but, no doubt, our day is going to be THE BEST! I am sure you can follow all of the posts online if you search the Hashtag: #mnmspokane <this is the hashtag that will link all of the postings together!> If you scroll through that at the end of the day I am positive you will see yours truly! 
Another thing that happened this week was transfer calls! Neither I nor Elder Tekanene is leaving but Elder Goins (the elder from the pool table picture) is leaving.. Sad days. But we will have a new DL and we have no idea who it is yet.. So that will be interesting!

Alright, love you all with all my heart.
Com Amor,


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