Monday, June 16, 2014

FIFA FIESTA‏ Sent: Mon 6/16/14 2:26 PM

OPA! What it do what it do!
Minha Familia! 

I love you guys soo much! This week has been pretty sweet I guess. Not to many stories but it was a productive missionary week. Haven't been able to teach Terry that often. Peggy found a job. World Cup started. So much yet not a whole lot to talk about. I loved getting your package with all the FIFA stuff. I made my predictions and what not and stay informed on the results kinda. I know that as a missionary this probably seems odd but there is a whole bunch of down time in this kinda life style so instead I fill it with useless FIFA information. haha I am still focused on the work!, no worries. On Sunday, (FATHERS DAY) yours truly gave a talk! haha no doubt I gave a few shout outs to you POPs and I mentioned that one time we were at Olive Garden and we were locked out of the car for a while because you forgot that you put the keys in you sock. I honestly don't really remember all the details or even if this was as dramatic as I remember but don't worry I got the whole congregation laughing. Your legend in Lewiston now! I gave a talk on priesthood keys and how they were given to Joseph for the RESTORATION of the gospel. Hence the reference to dad loosing them. We picked up a new investigator in Lapwai (I believe I mentioned this in the last letter) and so we have been traveling out there pretty frequently. There are these huge wheat fields that we have to pass through and we stopped to get some great pictures. The field is not yet completely "white and already to harvest" but it's getting there. So expect those pictures here in a few weeks. I am convinced that when the fields turn white, that Terry will overcome and be ready to be baptized! I really do love that man! I feel like I talk about him a lot but here is another story that shows just why I love him so much. We were teaching him last Monday night and after the lesson we are talking about Brazil (because I never mentioned to him that I could leave whenever I get my VISA) and he said, "Dang, well i have to get over this tobacco thing soon so that your here when I get baptized!" Melt your heart out right! Idk if he will before the transfer but If I survive and stay here in Lewiston 2nd ward then I will be able to see it go down. Is it weird that I am praying to stay rather than leave? 

Family, you sound great as always. Mom, if you could send greenchili that would be much appreciated but I have no idea how you would make it happen. Thanks for Dallin's Email.  Dad. HAPPY FATHERS DAY! You're the best. I love you with all my heart and I am so honored to call you my father! Sorry I gave you a hard time in sacrament without you being there to back yourself up but I figured it was signature Davis sacrament talk story with all the exaggerated parts. Sorry the Heat didn't pull it out for us.. LEBRON IS SOOO MUCH BETTER THAN JORDAN!!

K guys I love you all. But I love my mission more. Gotta get back to teaching a preaching!

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