Monday, October 26, 2015

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Hey there family.

So yeah this week was a pretty great week. Good to finish the transfer with such an awesome find and great family. Julia went to church again and its pretty much undoubtable that she will be baptized someday this week. The only reason that she didnt get baptized on Sunday was that her sister Ana (who also is super elect and ready to follow her sister) Has a pretty messed up foot and needed to go to the hospital sunday morning and couldnt make it to support and be there alongside. So timing just didnt match up. She is so great though and I got really close to that family. The only down side is that President in all of his wisdom, decided to transfer me... for my last transfer on the mission. So yep, Ramazotti stayed and so did some other missionary in the house with a lot of time there both stayed and I, who just got there this last transfer... was trasnfered out. So yeah Im just trying to keep a smile on. Not gonna lie it will be hard to have to leave the area but Im pretty close still and I think I will be able to make it to the Baptism on Julia on Friday night. Also crazy story before I move on to the next topic, was that all day Saturday, I was in the Hospital with Ramazotti. 12 Hours there... haha he had a monster high blood pressure and a pretty bad head ache so they didnt let him leave and had to do a bunch of tests. So Just a fun fact. I was thinkin about you that day nano.. Hospital at the same time right? close at least. But yeah Ramazotti is good to go and should have much problems there. 
So right now I am in Rangel with a new companion from São Paulo. He just started his mission 5 weeks ago so I will finnish his training right now. Should be interesting and we already know eachother from being in the same district. It will be a good way for me to finnish my mission. Training.. Gotta keep on my A game to help this kid out. Good ward it looks like. Just us 2 in the ward but we live right next to the chapel with another companionship. So just brazilians and one Peru in house. Looks like I will come home without any english practice. haha But seriously it should be a great learning experience and for sure Heavenly Father has a plan in all this. He knows where he wants his misisonaries and when he wants them there. Feels so werid to be on my last transfer already.....crazy how fast time passes.

Family, First OFF NANO CONGRATS!! Thats awesome! So happy for you guys and Reese is a keeper for sure. Just because he is more Christensen as well... haha Mom&Dad- Mom way to be a champ and arrive just on time. Glad you like your new calling and I hope you enjoy your week there taking care of Nano. Dad, your a spritual stud. Way to find the keys. haha Work hard and keep ridding that bike. Your the man. Lambsons! Halloween already? Thats awesome! Like the ideas. Jen way to help out but that is a bummer that you missed seeing Reese. Have a great week of Tricks and Treats! Love you guys. W&S&B- Wyoming! Thats so sick! Glad you made it there and that the hospital isnt too sketch. Keep working hard bro and for sure we are going ice fishing/snow mobiling when I get there. Kodras!- NANO YOUR NOT PREGNANT ANYMORE! good feeling? haha glad all went well and it appears that everything was a lot easier than when Maggs came. Love you kiddos and I hope the transition back home goes well.

Alright so these past weeks I must admit. I havent bought anyone anything.. Please send me a shopping list of everything that everyone would like and I will try my best near the end to get all of it. Pictures will come next week then...
Com amor da coração

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