Thursday, November 5, 2015

Batizmos for dayzz.‏ Date: Mon, 2 Nov 2015 12:28

Hey Family.
Glad to hear all about the Halloween festivitys and all the good stories. My week was good and thankgoodness it was filled more with treats than tricks! haha So new area new companion. It has been good and I know that I am learning and growing a lot more than if I had just stayed comfortable in Geisel. So yep. My companions name is Elder Thomas Santos and he is from São Paulo. Pretty funny kid and its fun to work with him and see things through his eyes. I just have to remember that sometimes he really just doesnt know what to do. Have to guide him more than I expect sometimes. Its been great thou. This last friday we had to pleasure to watch and participate in the Baptism of Julia! It was awesome and the whole family was there. I was asked to do the Baptism and everything went by smoothly. I hope that her sister Ana keeps studying with the other Elders but it looks like she already felt a little attacked and shocked about the Baptism that the other missionaries tryed to mark with her...I know problem with brazil. But its all good. I told her to keep chill and just keep visiting the church and taking the discussions. Love that family. So then this sunday we also had a baptism in my area. It was all pretty much set up and should have happened last week but this week was better for the family so I got to help out as well. Arthur is the name of the young man and his Older brother was the one who baptized him. He reactivated himself these past few weeks with the other misisonaries and then recieved the priesthood this sunday and everthing worked out great to be able to baptize his brother. I think its a pretty neat story and fact that the older brother did the baptism should have a more lasting effect I think. Great family as well. We will keep working with them and leave him firm and strong in the gospel.
Funny story of the week that actually happend this morning. Was that we all went to play some soccer and then after to a backery to drink some Coke. We were chillen next to some bar side make shift sketch table cause all the other tabels were taken. I was sitting there talking to the new american missionary in English cause he just got here and I was helping him feel more comfortable when he both sit down on the ledge of this sketch (fake marble) counter top. Gave it 5 seconds before everything broke... haha So we both go tumbling down and everyone in the Bakery stops and is just looking at us... I was already laughing it out but the people there were pretty upset. haha So bottem line we will talk it out with the people cause the whole thing wasnt our fault. Could have happend to anyone so Im glad it was us and not some poor kid just playing on the side. haha Funny as heck though... 
Christmas is your call. Some new clothes would be cool but same size I think. I need to amp up my skinny jean game when I get back. Brazil has raised the bar.. hhaha jkChristmas will be a blast I am amped. Next week I will go Downtown and try to buy abunch of stuff for you guys. I think I got a rough sketch of wat to buy you guys. ITs the most wonderful time of the year!
Tchauuuuu Amor

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