Monday, November 23, 2015

mais 3‏ Mon, 23 Nov 2015

Whats up family!,

Man this week was a blur. I've probably already said this a billion times. But its for real. These weeks are flying by. We worked a bunch and it was good to finaly bring someone to church after all this effort. Her name is Rosa and she is 88 years old! ha But she is great. She is the mother of a lady that we have been working with. Really funny people and yeah pretty humble too. But Rosa is great cause she is a little more reliable. First time we asked her to come to church she said no.. Then a week later she said yes and was actually ready to go and kept her word. You can always rely on the older people who still have moral codes and keep their promises. Looks like this next week will be her baptism too. (I know is pretty fast) Should be good though. She has sufered a lot in her life so this should be something that will really help her feel comfort. haha her daughter is still a work in progress. We also found some cool investigators that wern't able to make it to church but should be cool to work with this week. Really seeing the blessings in my life and getting home exagsted everyday. Maybe I will have a thanksgiving this week witrh Maritza but we will have to wait and see. She is a recent convert who lived in USA and London for 6 years of her life so she still carrys on the american traditions. Should be great!

Family, M&D- nooo email down.. haha but thats all good. I will still be on for another 40 min or so. So if you get this in time just shoot over a message. Glad to hear that the sisters are great and that christmas is coming up already in the house. Dave and Deb were in our house? cool cool. Lambsons- Jen I loved the poem. Thought it was sweet. So true about the RedVines though.. Miss it. Keep on keeping on there in the cold. When does school get out for Conway? W&S&B- Love you guys and I hope the house is great. Kodras- Thanksgiving on strike. haha Black Friday.. man.. i still have nightmares of that stuff. Crazy people. Have a good one and I hope the move is over with this week then.. 

Family.. Still havent bought any of you anything.. haha I know its pretty lazy and procrastination on my part but this next week for SURE. Mark my words. Alright? Very good 

Amor de coração!
Elder Christensen 
we had time to kill before the churrasco last week so we went into Carajás (brazilian home depot)​

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