Monday, November 16, 2015

Hey there everyone‏ November 16, 2015 at 6:32

Oh my heck this time is just flying. I have never felt so tired. Everyday I get home I just feel dead. But this is good. Gotta work until ya drop right? This week was full of good things and a lot of lessons but we didnt get anyone at church. Less Actives nor investigators. But man yeah its kinda a bummer to not have anyone there but we will work even harder with different people this week. We have a woman named Joseleny that is cool and we gave here a blessing and then visited her later that day and she was tons better. SO now she has a testimony in the power or the priesthood and faith and stuff but now she has to get married.. Lets see if we can help them out in time before I leave. Its a complicated family. Ha We are doing a bunch a FHEs and inviting people who we are working with to go a participate. So that is working and we will continue to do that. 
P-day today was pretty good. Played some soccer at the church. Did I mention to you guys that I live right next to the chapel. So yeah it was pretty good and for lunch we will go to a churrasco (bbq all you can eat meat). For lunch we always just do our own thing and today the money falls on the card so you have to ball out right? Should be good but again we will not have time to buy stuff downtown today. So next week for sure haha. These P-days are growing shorter.. weather here is getting crazy hot. Its so weird to me when you guys say that its cold outside. haha Just burning out here! haha 

Alright family. 
Sorry for the short letter but you know how it is sometimes..

​Our car.. haha jk we took this pic in the morning after soccer. haha ​


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