Monday, November 9, 2015

éta nos‏ Date: Mon, 9 Nov 2015


Man I feel like I say everytime but this whole thing is moving way too fast. So this week was a pretty simple one with a lot of new investigators and working a lot to reactivate these less actives. So it was been realatively good. Sunday was pretty stressful to see that our members arent really doing their part to help out the recent converts and frustrating that members kinda look to the missionaries to do all of the work here. But hey its all good. Just exhausting. Yesterday I went to a Baptist Church in a trade with a lady that went to our church in the morning. It was pretty cool to be the "investigator" and watch what other churchs do to welcome people and especially when the welcome 2 mormon missionaries. haha But i have to say overall it was a good visit. It also happend to be the Pastors birthday.. so we ate cake and mini pizza things.. haha it was a good day to visit! haha We are working a few families that were baptized be a few of my friends here on the mission and so I will start to reactivate them. Maritza speaks 3 languages fluently and she always trys to speake english with me but I am too nervous about it. haha She keeps on trying to destroy my portuguese by making me speak english. Other than all that this next week should be more of the same so lets get to it. P-day today I wont be going to Centro so you guys will still have to wait for all the goods. I think I should be able to get almost all of what you guys want. As far as packing for home. I dont plan on taking a lot of stuff home so there should be a LOT of space.

Alright I am out. Tired and ready for the end I think but I gotta give till I drop. Love you guys. Until next week

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