Monday, September 28, 2015

Tá doido muleque Date: Mon, 28 Sep 2015


What a week. So many things new and exciting. good and bad. But I have quite the story for you guys this week so lets get to it. Fist off the Area is super good. The chapel is actually close to the area and so the probabiliy of bringing peopleto church is good. But just from what I have seen as of recently... the ward is a little weak. The leadership is a little be squewed and I dont really know how to explain it. We have some great people though. Super good people here. So its been fun to get used to and Elder Ramazotti is still showing me around the area. We met a hilarious old lady that went to church with us this week and its a little complicated with General Conference this week so Baptizem is a little hard to throw down this week but we will try to keep teaching here and keeping the Faith that the spirit will keep working there. She is pretty funny. We talked about getting here a car to take her to church and she said "What is this? Jesus walked everywhere. He didnt have cars of busses.. I will walk if I need to! haha" Super funny lady. Alright so time for the story of your life time. Craziest story of my mission So I will try to do it justice.

Alright so last night we have a few plans fall through and so we decided to head to the house of a Recent Convert a little early. He lives in a appartment complex and we go there a lot. But this particular night when we arrived there were a bunch of people hanging around this entrance to his building in the stareway. SO some people are like "Oh good the Holy Men arrived." And the mentioned us to enter and there is this Middle Aged lady laying on the ground moving around and it appeared to me at first that she had fallen or was having a segur of something like that. So we drop everything and run over to assist and we find out that she is "Possesed with an evil spirit and our RecentConvert (RC) is on the floor holding her down with another guy. So we kneel down to help out and understand the situation. Everyone is throwing Holy Water on her and praying. One crazy guy was putting a cross necklass to her forehead every 5 seconds to try and do something... just straight up madness. Elder Ramazotti doesnt know what to do and I pretty much had the same face and so Elder Ramazotti starts to cast out the demond and whatnot. Using the preisthood and stuff like that. I tell RC to go and get his oil for blessings and he runs into his house and gets it. (He was just made an elder like 2 weeks ago) and we go ahead and give her a blessing "try to give a blessing" and nothing is really working.. Super sketch but at the same time I wasnt really picking up a demond vibe and neither was Ramazotti. So we give her some space and she keeps on saying schetch things like "You called me here and now I've come!" and "Take me to the beach" Stuff super weird and meanwhile the other missionaries arrive and nobody has any ideas of what to do. But the entire time all of us were just super confused. Poor elder Howell (other american who doesnt really speak english yet) had no idea what was going on. So i kept trying to explain everything in english. aghh it was just a mess of crazy dubstep exercisim brazilian religion madness! haha So the family ends up throwing her in the car and takes her to the beach and meanwhile we all just think about the madness and try to analize the situation, laughing about the bizarrity of it all. And we just eat with RC and wait it out. When she returned she was all bubbly and thanked us and RC and blah blah blah.. just totally different and her husband explained some more details but still its all just super sketch and so who really knows what happend. But it was pretty funny to talk about it with RC and afterwords... haha ah man You guys will just have to hear the story from me in person on Dec. 17th!!

So yeah it was great. Elder Howell is doing great. Just strugglin with the same stuff that I passed thru. So I feel like I am helping out there too. Ramazotti has less time than me and the only person in our zone older than me is in our distric and he is a stud. So yeah its cool to not always talk about home and the same stuff that i talked about with Elder Moura or the other really old district (old in mission time) haha SO I am happy.

Family- Mom, keep it up . your work is appriciated. Hope you are stoked with the news. Dad, loved the story. Super funny. Lambson clan- Thats awesome conway! Muito bom cara! Love you guys and hope you are all stoked to be homeowners! Exciting. W&S&B- Pics! Brooklyn is aaaDORB! haha Love you guys and hope the move goes well for Wy. When is it again? Kodras- BAYBAY thats awesome. Hang in there nan. Maggs is being forced to grow up super fast huh.. ? haha Keep the faith and keep giving those Football details coming Anton! Cougs got crushed.

So this next week will be CONFERENCE! Yeah 3 new apostles of the LORD! IT will be so awesome. My perdictions are: Elder Christensen (#representTHEname) Elder Clayton (#Stud) and Elder Godoy (#BrazilinTHEhouse) but let me know what you guys are predicting. It will be so great I am sooo overwhelmingly pumped.

Alright well this letter almost took all my energy today...
I love you all so dang much! DEC 17 5:00. BE there or BE square! #TrunkedOutOfMyMindNow... #JK #MissionsAreTheBest
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