Monday, September 7, 2015

Feliz Independência!! September 7, 2015 at 7:12:40

Hey there family!,

So today is Independence day in Brasil! Thankfully the laneHouse is open for us to get on the internet but with all the holidays and days off here its pretty much a normal day here. Ha this past week was good and we learned a lot about our ability to perservere and stick to it even though our people fall threw and things turn lame on us. We had the chance to find a few more people and one family in particular that should be fun to work with. They love to ask questions and it seems like they are actually excited to talk to us and keep commitments that we leave with them. We also met a great less active guy that fell off the records and hasnt recieved an invite in a few years. His name is Abilio and we was trying to learn guitar when we knocked on the door. So we taught him a few cords and then shared a lesson and envited him and his wife to church, and THEY ACTUALLY CAME! haha sorry its jsut been a while since someone that we found actually went to church! But yeah he is super cool and actually remembered a lot of people. But the problem is that his wife is super Assembly of God and liked the visit but doesnt want to continue to learn about the church. So naturally Abilio doesnt either. But hey who knows what the Holy Ghost can do there. We will continure work with them too. But yep the plan for this week is to continue working and trying to bring more people to church! Its been fun to work hard and dig deep these transfers. I think that Brazil has this steriotype that Baptisms and Converts come easy but pretty much in my mission so far I am only finding the contrary. haha But I love it this way. You have a chance to find the blessings and miracles in other forms and ways. 
This past Wednesday we had a zonetraining as well so I actually recieved my Package a month early!! I would love to tell you that I waited but I am also living with Elder Moura, who is about to end his mission here next week or so, SO i had to open it and share the candy with him. You know how it is... haha But thanks so much mom! You are awesome and I loved everything. Even the RG3 jersey! haha I dont even know if he is still playing.. BUT again thanks so much mom!

Alright well its back to the streets my people! Keep reading the scritpures! I am studying the Old testemant now a days and Im learning a lot! So maybe I was a little bit of a slacker or whatever before my mission but I read the story of Moses and the battle that they had with that one guy and he had to keep his hands in the air in order for them to win... (never heard of this story????) haha and the only thing that kept running in my head was #(have to have the #) IThrowMyHandsUpInTheAirSomeTimes singin- AAaaaa ooooo Baby lets gooo! haha Just the thought for you guys today!


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