Monday, September 14, 2015

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Hey there family.

So this past week worked me pretty hard. In all aspects of the word WORK. haha Started off the week with an interview with president that maybe doesnt understand that sometimes God chooses not to bless his missionaries in numbers. Other people still have their agency and I cannot control that. BUT it was alright and it gave me a chance to say what I have been wanting to say if not hearing what I wanted to hear. So anyways we also worked really hard this week trying to get some people going we recieved huge miracles and blessings but we also had a really rough time finding anyone that lasted. So who knows what to really say but I am so glad for everything I learned this week and if anything counts, I know that Heavenly Father knows the situation and know what he wants from me. We had a huge miracle with a less active that just happend to be passing by an area that we rarely cross! She asked us if we knew when the Bus would pass to go to church. Turns out that she is a member if 10 years or so and has been inactive for 9. He daughter was super active for like 5 years and then some stuff happend in their temple marrage and she stopped coming. So anyways they have been feeling the desire to come to church and then one day she decided to leave and walk her dog and she ran into us. So yep Fransisca and her daughter went to church yesterday and I think that the other elders in the area will help her son (13 yrs old) get baptized here next week! So yeah it was cool to see all this happen and we are for sure gonna visit the mom and try to get her active again. So rough week but mircals up the wazoo! WE also met a lady that refered us to her daughter that we had found the other day but forgotten and she was really interested in talking to us. But lets see tomorrow if its for real or not.

Alright well this should be the last week of the transfer so.. Im hoping to get a change of something.. but lets see. 
Love you all and keep on praying for me! I can feel it for sure! 


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