Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Fishy Days Mon, 17 Aug 2015 12:05

Hey Family,
Its gettin hot again! (A main street work a lot)

So this week was a pretty good one. Started off pretty normal and then we had a Family HomeEvening that was a killer and our Investigator couple liked it a lot. They still need to get married and that probably wont happen for a while (#feetDraggers4DAYZ) but they are super excited for the next activity that we throw in the house of a member. Then later in the week we slowly watched all of the people that we originally had hope for start to lie and fall and crumble in our hands.. haha André is awesome but there is something there that he isn't telling us. He was home this weekend and didn't once talk to us or call or let us know. SO yeah idk how to feel about it. Last time we talked we marked his baptism for next sunday but I'm hoping all this weirdness is just because of being buisy and not something else. Elder Paiva and I feel like we just have to start all over. Other than this couple I just told you about that went to the FHE. We dont really have much people going to church. SO yeah that will be the focus this week. They are out there for sure I just gotta find them. 
So yeah tomorrow we are having a Zone Conference and it should be cool. I should see Elder Talbot (MTC comp) again and maybe get a letter from my loved ones in Washington (Elder Family) so Thats what I am looking forward to the most. I dont think the package will get there in time haha but Im still super stoked for it.

Family- Mom&Dad- First mom. THATS SO SICK! I am overwhelmingly proud that you are going out with the Sisters and putting everyone on date for Baptism! Dont you just love the spirit of missionary work! Congrats! That baptism should be so awesome. Way to go. Pops. Not gonna lie 3.5 hours on the bike sounds awful. But manly for sure. Proud of ya and I hope the training goes well. I forgot to mention that Fathers day was here 2 Sundays ago. LOVE YOU DAD. I cant wait till I reach your level of awesome and need to sleep with 5 pillows and an electric blanket at night! jk jk But seriously I love ya Dad. Lambsons- CONWAY! First day of school! Thats sooo crazy! Can i say that I got a little teared up?! Your all grown up kiddo! Love you guys and I hope you guys get used to one less kid in the house. Britton, your a stud. Remember when that 6 yr old Black kid beat you on that 5k we ran! haha jk I know you get mad. Keep it up bro. W&S&B- Hey I forgot to give you props on your marithon goal! BRO I would be right there running with you but I have this overwhelming fear that if I were to run for than a mile right now my heart would give out. haha Im So FRAGILE! Keep working hard and I hope all works out for the best. Kodras!- You guys are great. Love the stories and that Magster is getting close to potty trained. Keep the faith while the other is on his way! Keep on that school grind Anton. love
 Elder Wilson haha 

Alright you guys are great. I read Romans 13:12 today and got all pumped up to do some good today. Armour of Light! Let others see it.
Chão meus amados! Até próximo Segunda-Feria visse!

Sunsets here.. never get tired of that. 

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