Monday, August 3, 2015

Dreams‏ Date: Mon, 3 Aug 2015 11:59

Hey there everyone!

So this week was a pretty great week I guess! Its been kinda hard to get things going here and I dont understand entirely why.. haha But will all trails come belssings and we just have to look for them. This past week we couldnt get anything going for us. We have a few people that like to pretend they are progressing but then back out on sunday and nothing else past that. SO yeah its been kinda frustrating.. BUT today we had a sweet experience that I want to share with you guys and It will explain a little bit why this email is later than usual. So this morning we are prepping to go out and pay the bill and buy food and stuff when André calls us on the phone and asks us to come over. (He has been traveling in and out of João Pessoa recently because his wife, Marcelene has been feeling sick and has a werid tumor thing in her back the pretty much leaves them bed ridden) So we go over because he literally has no money to get back to JP and work. So go over to talk to him and he tells us about a dream that he had last night; Starts off with a rain storm and he is trying to call out to his neighbor and tell him that he needs a prayer in his house but the neighbor isnt home so he decides to look up the street and he sees US (Me and Elder Paiva) at the top of his road and so he calls us over to give a prayer in his home. End of what he told us about the dream. So he calls us and we go over and blaw blaw blaw we talk about the Money he needs and we give him the 100 reais he needs and then talk to him about preisthood bleassings for Marcelene and all that. So enter her room and give the blessing and when its all over I look over to Andre and he is crying. He told us that in his dream we gave a prayer exactly like we gave the blessing. With our hands on her head and everything. He said it was exactly like he had dreamed! HOW COOL RIGHT! haha Church is true. He thanks us and we left to go buy or stuff and now I am here writing you guys. I love the experencies that this mission is giving me. I know that god looks out for us in many ways and talks to us in many forms. Keep your faith strong! Andre should go back to work this week but maybe if things work out we can baptize him this next Sunday. Keep that family in your prayers please! 
Moms questions; I study preach my gospel all the time. Only in Port right now. Read it. Its inspired for sure folks. Yeah P-day we go shopping for all the snacks we need to get by when we return to the house at night. Today I payed the house bill and Andre which means I need to live off of 20 reais until the next money drop haha! Should be fine. Laundry is done with a washing mechine... doesnt get too clean but it works for mission life. People here usually work with construction and stuff like that. Lots of new houses going up around the outer edge of town so yeah this work is most comon. The church members in specific are pretty sucessful buisness owners or engineers (RMs). Mission is pretty closed off as far as president talking to us. Every month we have meetings with our Zone and every other transfer should be interviews with president and a Muli-Zone conference.. but I dont think another one will happen until Sep.. lets see though.. and Sisters are basically serving another mission. We arnt allowed to have them in our district or zone meetings soo.... yeah I dont even know one of them.

Até mais rapazes!

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