Monday, July 27, 2015

Bodo Date: Mon, 27 Jul 2015 11:42

Hey family,
So this week was pretty awesome. Alot of the same throughout the week but in the end it was awesome to have 3 new investigators and all of them at church! I dont remember if I told you guys but our lead investigator Andre left for João Pessoa for the next 20 days... so we are trying to excite his wife and son about the church so that they will be on the same level when he gets back. So yeah his wife Marcilene went to church and a friend of theirs that they had invited as well. We also managed to bring back an investigator for the grave as well (meaning that he was in the Area book forever) but with this comes a lot of uncertanty of if he really wants to progress in the gospel. Praying for the fact that maybe this time is different but 6 years of knowing the missionaries and only going to church for the 3rd time in his life yesterday is a telling story. So idk. Elder Paiva is pretty great and for sure likes to talk a lot so sometimes people get thrown off and have to ask him If I know Port because he does most of the talking. haha so yeah sometimes its a little anoying to have people say the darnest things before the realize that I can understand them.. BUT yeah idk what else to really say. Our house is good. Everone is going great and the other missionaries in our ward are Baptizing a whole bunch of people because of a wedding they threw for one of there converts a while back. So church is TRUE.
Im stilling trying to work on my weight so I decided that I will only eat one plate of food for lunch instead of the brazilian 3 that is expected of the missionaries. Lets see how long I can last before some Sister from the ward comes at me with a knife trying to force me to eat! haha

Alright well its bout time I be leaving. Faith builder of the week was studing about the 3 Witnesses of the Book of Mormon. All 3 fell out of the church, true. But they all fulfilled their duty to testify of the truthfulness of the Book. Never once denied it. Even 2 of them came back. Read it people. Everyday. Perhaps for the first time even. It will change your life.

Igreja é verdadeira gente!
Com amor,


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