Monday, July 20, 2015

life in Bodocongó Mon, 20 Jul 2015 11:51

Hey there,

So great to hear from all ya. So this week was pretty fast, pretty normal, pretty much a week of trying to find other people to teach so it was a lot of street contacts and knocking on doors. We lost track of André for a few days which was pretty frightening but it all worked out fine when we randomly just past by in the afternoon (he is never at home in the afternoon because of work) and found him right after his lunch break. He is so excited about the gospel! He has already invited all his friends and they are actually interested on making the visit too! haha So yeah no worries about him. His family is still slacking behind a little bit but she works as a Mid-wife I think and is helping this one lady with her new born right now so she was pretty much in the Hospital all weekend. Another problem that we face with Andre and his family is that he is leaving this weekend most likely to work in João Pessoa. And then will be gone for another 20 days.. I know its  pretty lame but he is super solid and will return and the whole bunch of them will be getting baptized here in a while, including his references! haha Lets see though.. SO yeah other than all that its been pretty good. Living with 3 brazilians is a little different. I thought I knew conversational portugues to an extent but then I forgot that there are other things to talk about other than the gospel so a whole nother world of Portuguese is being opened to me haha. As far as a funny story I dont know if I got one for you guys this week. But stay posted I will work harder to get you one this next week.

Alright guys I got to go. Church is true. Book of Mormon is the word of God. #readitERYday
loved dads quote to I figured I would end with it as well;
Since you have already reached the stares, reach for the Son!


ps packege stuff - GARMETS yes that would be sweet and the rest can just be candy and junk food. Its fun to show my investigators a little bit of america so the more american candy the better. and yeah thats all I can think of...

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