Monday, July 13, 2015

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Hey so this week was a pretty normal week for us. We are still trying to get a hang of the new area and get a few more lessons put together with Investigators and Members. We recieved a refferal from someone in our ward and we met them Tuesday night. Such a sweet and prepared family. The head of the house, Andre is such a sweet guy! He has had quite the journey to be where he is right now and He is super humbled and ready to learn and become a part of this gospel. Its so fun teaching him because he just soaks it up! Its like his first meal of the gospel after 30 years of spiritualy fasting.. and he is hungry! haha His wife and son are a little bit hesitant still and didnt come to church yesterday even though they both swore they would so there is something there and we will be working on that this week. The goal is to baptize the family together but with work and vacations and things I dont really know for sure when it will happen. Keep posted though. Other then this family, everyday was just filled with little things that are so normal to me yet so strange at the same time. Getting 20 reais from some random guy in the street, roads filled with mud, taking a shower with a 2 Lt POP bottle that we have to reserve for the weekends when we dont have water. Just the normal. So other than this I dont really have much more to update you guy on. Elder Paiva is super legit and yeah its definatly weird being the only american in the house and not having that cultural bond but Im learning a lot. 

Alright you guys I know this letter is kinda lame but just know that Im loving my mission and all that comes with it everyday!
Im readin D&C right now too with the BofM so its been fun the see all the great things that were restored at the same time the church was getting started up again. Church is truer than true. Im really into Moroni 7 and I share it with people a lot. Charity never fails.

Amor com todo meu coração gente!

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