Monday, August 24, 2015

Date: Mon, 24 Aug 2015

Hey there everyone.
So this week was a pretty good week you could say. Had a fun time working the the young men in the ward and getting them some experience before the start to think about their missions. We took two of them this week and split up on the street. One group knocking doors or one side and the other on the other. It was pretty typical work for me and Paiva full of rejections and excusses and whatnot. But the young men really enjoyed it. Igor said "It was really nerve racking at first but then no matter what you get this really good feeling about what your doing. No matter the outcome!" haha Gotta hand it to them, I would have never thought the same way about leaving with the missionaries before my mission! haha But they a really intune to the spirit of it, which made it awesome. Guess Elder Paiva and I need to shake off the "Used to it" feeling and get excited again. haha But really all is well. We also had another FHE and the sister invited all her neighbors and it should be fun to see what will happen to the references. The message we left was really powerful and it was an awesome way to spread the gospel in a less obvious way. But all in all nobody went to church this sunday. We didnt have any investigators there i should say but hey this week we just got to work a little bit harder. As far as André, our family that started off really strong, they are pretty starting to fall a lot so lets see. 
IN OTHER NEWS! David and Allison are Sealed!!!! Im so happy! Oh my heck I am so happy for them! I love that family so much and I know just how hard they have had to work for this in their lives. David is such a stud! I hope you saw the pictures! He was rocking that Celestial Smile already! I love this gospel! Church is so true! I know that they will continue to grow leaps and bonds especially as they go often and really learn about the covenents in the temple! How do I express how stoked I am in an Email!!??
Family-  just fyi they will for sure let me know when the time is right. Nobody in the office speaks english. And if everything makes sense.. Like It should and has for everyone else that has ended their missions here before I should be gettting home at the end of that transfer cycle. This means that I should be getting home the week before Christmas. Most likely the 18 of december... But above all I should be getting my flight plan here in 4 or 5 weeks it looks like. So I know... But you just gotta hold on tight for me mom. 

Maggs is growing like a week. Brooklyn too! Oh my stars.. Every 4 5 6 month year old I see I just think about you guys.
Alright well I really need to bounce.
I will talk to you guys in another week then. ha Chão gente! (haha dad with the portuguese...loved it)

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