Thursday, August 13, 2015

transfers came and went‏ Date: Mon, 10 Aug 2015 10:26


So transfers came last night and I stayed with Elder Paiva in Bodocongó! This means that will have more time to work with André and eventually watch his baptism. He really is a great guy but man this whole work thing is getting crazy. He was called back for another 2 weeks of work so this means that he wasn't at church again and wont be back until the 16th or something. The way he talks about baptism and the church I dont really have much doubts but idk someting is fishy about seeing his car parked outside his house Sunday night.. I trust the guy but Elder Paiva is saying that he is picking up some weird vibe there. But lets see there. This week was good i guess but I had a pretty gnarley cold and fever thing Wed.-Friday so it kinda sucked to have to work like that. Its not worth going to the Hospital just to get an excuse to stay home and do nothing. Better to serve the lord, trying not to make others sick in the process! haha We found a family of 3 this week (Mother, Daughter, Son) and there are living in some of the most humble circumstances I have seen yet. First lesson was by candel light cause they dont have money to pay Electricty. But super happy and nice people. Again they have some things to work past and they wern't at church as well because of some father excusse thing but lets see what happens with them! Other than all this there will be a new elder living the house with us. The other companionship got split up and one of them is training this week. Could be another brazilian but I am rooting for an American. Its possible that it could be as well cause President usaully puts the americans in houses with other americans that can help with the lang and Elder Paiva speaks good english as well. But lets see. I just need a break from the intense 3 brazilian onslought of last transfer. Whole nother level of conversation skills that I dont have and a few memebers couldnt get there minds around why I couldnt speak portuguese as well as them.. haha but all is well
FUNNY story from this week that is a little irreverant but its worth it. So if you dont already know, the idea of "CHURCH" or realigion is a little skewed in Brazil. The Assembly of Gods and Universal Yell and Scream miracle churchs here are all the rage and so unfortunatly a lot of people (recent converts) bring a lot of this culture with them into the LDS church. SO we were in church the other day and one sister in particular (little crazy) asks me and elder paiva for a blessing. So we grab another member to come with us just because and so go into a seperat room to give the blessing. She starts off by saying that she has been feeling sick ever since she saw a possesed cat in the road the other day, some pain in her chest. (First alarm) Then I give the first with the oil and everything. Then she tells elder Paiva so not let her fall...? right? weird (second alarm) Then the member gets up there and we are helping with the blessing and in the middle of the prayer she starts to shake and then jumps up out of the chair and starts to dance around in the room. All of us stopped and looked at eachother and thought.. what the heck? haha Then we replaced our hands and finnished the blessing. We asked her if she was feeling alright and then the member had to leave the room to stop from laughing... IT WAS THE STANGEST BLESSING OF MY LIFE.. haha so yeah I thought you guys would like that story. Its unfortunate but some people feel like every blessing from god needs to be a meraculus healing of demond expulsion.. haha 
Last thought. Read 1 Peter 2:21-25 ITs so awesome. we all all called to follow the savior. Indepentant of trails or hardships, follow him because he knows the way through it all. He went there for all of us. Keep that in mind this week!


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