Tuesday, June 30, 2015

TRANSFERS!‏ Date: Mon, 29 Jun 2015 11:52

Hey Família!
So yeah this week was the week of transfers! I got transfered to another area but in the same district. So its pretty close to where I was but different house and different area but same Chapel. Area Borocongo! haha yep and I have a NEW comp! haha Who would have thought it? Right now I am with Elder Vaira and he is from Brasil! My first real brazilian, and he is white! Looks pretty american and everyone up here in the Northeast is brown so... But he seems pretty chill. I am sweeping the area with him which means that neither of us were there before and have to start over from scratch. I will miss my old area for sure! Sitio Lucas is finally starting to give way to all our work and we had 7 investigators there. Because people actually went! Anderson and Nedi went again and even though they say that they dont have the intrest to be Baptized I think that Anderson is starting to give way to the idea.. I love that family I cant wait to hear good things here soon. Also a bit of info, In my house I am leaving with 3 brazilians so I will be learning alot here pretty quick. Elder Wilson stayed there in the Branch and so I will still see him at District meeting and stuff. Strangely I can feel his absence right now. Miss that crazy kid. I grew alot with him. But yeah lets see what happens this week. Sorry all this info is spilling out but yeah dont really know how much else to stop it. Today will be unpacking and trying to get used to all these new people and try to make everyone like me.. Christensen habbit haha. Other than that, winter just started up here in Brazil which really just means more rain. But things really have cooled down here in Campina Grande! Super nice!
Alright so a few things before I forget. SO I lost my Patriatical Blessing so that would be sweet if you could just fax me a copy in the next email.. 
and... no thats all I can think of.

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