Tuesday, June 2, 2015

ai ta doudo rapaz!‏ Mon, 1 Jun 2015 12:37


Hey first things first. Jenny I am so happ0y for you thats awesome!!!! WYATT, já tem meu amor rapaz!! I feel so relieved to know that while everything went well and the baby is healthy, there is still a pretty good story there too! haha LOVE YOU GUYS! ZoneD here we come!

SO my week was pretty good but also pretty much a let down on all preportions. We worked alot with trying to get our investigators to progress this week but turns out that no one was a church this week, exept a 9 year old kid who is the son of our awesome LessActive we reactivated here 2 weeks ago. SO yeah it was kinda lame to watch everything we worked for this week go down the tube but on the otherside we still can see the fruits of our LessActive and he is a stud. Hope to get his 9 year old interested in being baptized here soon but I garenty ya that his thoughs arnt in the gospel haha! This week as well we went out to the sitios (ranches) and walked for like 2 hours with one of our members to talk to her friends that are interested in the church. haha it really was like bear grills status, #maybewewillhavetosleepheretonight! haha but it was very pretty for sure. Our house is pretty great and Elder Rojas from Peru is one of my favorites. I love new missionaries... they are always so much better than us old timers. They bring that needed breath of fresh excitment back. Yeah other than that I dont really have much else to say. I always feel bad because I feel like I should drop a message more spiritual but then my mind kinda goes blank. Ether Im not having any, or im so enveloped in it that I cant tell the difference. haha I know its the latter. For now Im just super pumped for our Less Active. Turns out he was praying for an anwser on how to quit smoking the day we found him in the road! So BOOM there ya go. Miracle! Fabio is his name.

As far as the stuff for the Stake facebook thing, just share one of your favorite stories of mine of anything about the people I talk about. People are everything. The one thing that I will forever be greatful for in my mission will be THE PEOPLE! Thats what its all about. I have never notice before just how full of love you heart gets when you introduce someone to the gosple! These are people that I have never talked to in my life. These are people that I never found in their best circumstances, and I was privledged enough to watch the savior change them. I still get excited to go out and work a little harder because I now that the next, Peggy or David or Patty,Daniel, Patricia is just another door down the road. ITS ALL ABOUT THE PEOPLE! I just wanted you to get that point across for me mom. My mission for me will always be the memory of forgetting about my life and living it through the lives of others, and no amount of Pictures, P-days, Culture will ever overpower the joy that comes from helping gods children.

alright I gotta split..
até próximo gente


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