Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Family!‏ Date: Mon, 8 Jun 2015 11:43

Hey, its my favorite time of the week already!

Crazy fast how time flys when you are knocking doors for 10 hours in one week! haha Half true statement right there but its all good. This week was a little bit of a mental test on our sanity but we have a few new people to work with so it was worth it. Right now was have two families that are pretty great. The first we found some time back and still they havent made it to church. It was all set up to go this week but we have no idea what happend. We are planning on passing there tonight to try and catch them but who knows.. Maybe the desire is still lacking. This other family we found Friday night are actually a pretty great family with potential. Fathers name is Anderson and he as a semi-active catholic but he loves to talk to us about the gospel. We met the wife as well and she is super pumped to learn more about the church. Given the fact that we found them on Friday, they didnt make it to Church even though we called them the night before and they said they would go. My prayer is that they will find time in there crazy busy schedual to meet with us more and go to church. We need a miracle here!!!
One couple just walked into church sunday and there story is super awesome. He said that he was in a library when they were throwing out old "never read" books when we found a Book of Mormon and felt impressed to read it. He took it home and asked his girlfriend if she had heard of the Book and she said she was Baptized there but never returned for some reason. So they both decided to walk  about 3 miles to go to church in out building. While they dont live in our area, we were stoked to meet them and they should progress here with the Elders assigned to their area. So MIRACLES DO EXIST!

Alright you cool kids.
Chão! Vos Amo!


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