Tuesday, June 16, 2015

E tá doutor! ‏Date: June 15, 2015 at 8:16

What is up my family!
So this week was another bumber. Basically everything we have worked for these past 11 weeks here have been close to irelevant. Nobody was at church yesterday even most of our members. And yeah there was a few that came from the Sitios (Ranches) but only because President Silva (our branch president) picked them up. Patricia didnt make it. Other less actives are super lazy and dont come. Our investigators say they will come until Sunday morning and nobody shows and or answers their phones. We only have 3 roads that we havent knocked completly yet. Our ZLs and liders are asking what we are doing wrong. Elder Wilson is getting stressed. Im right with him. 6 months is way too long for any human being to be together with out the bonding factor of MARIDGE! haha But its just another week in the books and another week with little blessings and miracles that made it all worth it. This last tuesday we went to an endless pizza joint with out Branch President. Super good! Still brazilian pizza, which is super different because they dont use tomato sauce or real dough. Throw a few toppings on it and it all tastes the same though right? haha But it was pretty fun. Other than that we had a split this week and I walked around with a Brazilian Elder fresh out of the MTC. He was super fired up to call people to repentence thats for sure. haha He is a little proud right now but just give him a few more weeks and he should calm down hopefully. haha Our house doesnt have water for 4 days out of the week now. And for some reason I cant sleep all the way through the night as of recently. haha sorry this letter isnt suposed to appear like a complaint letter Im am just updating you all with my life. haha
SPEAKING of playng piano. I play the piano for our branch. Ok its a recording but i am there to keep the beat and follow the director. haha its pretty tight.

Everyone keep strong. I stole the General Conference talks LIAHONA from one of our members because our mission is pretty slow on getting the missionaries anything so thats what I will be studying like crazy! Modern Day PROPHETS!! they are the best.
6 more months!! Im gonna start my serious work out schedual for you guys now. Im coming home an awkwardly tanned , BUT FIT, studmuffin.

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