Tuesday, May 26, 2015

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Ola! Tudo Bem!

So yeah this week was another good one. It was actually super productive because now we have some investigators that are progressing and this next week should bring about some miracles! We have one new investigator in particular that is super legit. His mom is a member of the church and lives in São Paulo but she gave us his info and said that we was looking for some help in learning english to improve this teaching, since he is a english teacher. (sorry english is coming out sloppy right now.) But yeah he let us in and we started to talk in English a little bit (suuuper weird) and then the next visit we taught the Restoration and he accepted it all. He loved the idea of having a prophet on the earth today and he said that for sure he just needs to study it out. #BookOfMormon! haha So yeah he is a champ. Didnt make it to church this week because he was on a trip out of town, but this next sunday should be a winner. Same as our other investigators we gained this week. Patricia is good but yeah her house is getting super complicated right now. Didnt make it to church because her mother-in-law dislocated her knee out on the farm and yeah they went out there to help her. Better than the alternative of her husband forcing her to miss church like we thought happened. So yeah keep her in your prayers and all that. Its helping a lot. 
New missionaries arrived in the house. Elder Bezerra - he is from the same state of brazil that João Pessoa is located!! haha His hometome is literally 30 min away by car. haha But yeah he was called to serve here because his town is in the Natal Mission which is just north. But he is the man. Think of an average brazilian and he is your guy! Super funny and hard working. His greeny is from Peru! ha Elder Roja is pretty swag and is trying to teach me his Magic skills. haha Before his mission he did magic in the streets to earn money for the mission. haha he is pretty funny and it is weird to know more Port. than him. Ha its been super fun though and this transfer should go buy pretty great.
Alright I love you guys too much!
Até próxima semana!

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