Monday, May 4, 2015

One more week until skype!‏ Sent: Mon 5/04/15 10:39 AM

E ai família! Como vocês estão!?

Alrighty so this week feels soooo long just at the same time it also feels like I was writting you guys last week. Started off the week with the move of appartments which was actually super fast and pain free.. Its pretty easy when you only live out of 2 suitcases and all the other things that President wants out of the appartment are half garbage and you can just chuck it in the trash pile on the side of the road... brazil.. haha But yeah it was pretty easy. We are liking our new house with the other Elders that were living there. So yeah I dont know if I made it clear last week but we are living with another douplet right now as compaired to before when it was just us. I am living with 2 other americans and the only one that speaks english is Elder Mather (who is the same elder that was in my MTC district.. maybe go back and see what I wrote about him if you cant remember) haha yeah its been fun regardless. We havent had much success with people in the Roads yet but our members are pretty tight and Patricia is super legit. She is also showing us her Sister and maybe we might have a baptism there sometime as well.  Yeah it definatly is a thing here in Brazil that you only baptize women. Its not even something that happens internsionaly. This Sunday we had stake conference and it was super dope but then we had to head back and have lunch with our less active family.
Super excited for Skype next week! IT will be interesting to speak English for real for and hour or so. No word on how much time yet but it will be enough I assure ya. I will skype from here around 6 oclock. So I think it should give you guys time to GO TO CHURCH! haha no ditching church people! Keep notes of what you want to hear and I will try to make a note of all my best stories. Im stoked to talk to whoever will be there on SKYPE. The 3 way thing sounds dope but I also have this feeling that Jen is gonna go into Labor that very day so lets see... haha jk jen 
 Our area with soccer feilds
 Old house.. better house

Baptizm of Patricia
                                                                                                          Sandwich for 5 Reais and Coke (Super good)
 Daughter on Patricia that looks like David Luiz 

On the train to the bus station then...
On the bus to Campina Grande!

  New house but yeah you cant see to much... 

Até mais rapaz!


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