Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Transfers! Date: Mon, 18 May 2015 12:28

Hey you people!
So lets just get right into it. Elder Wilson and I are still together and we will be serving here in the Branch a little while longer. Our roommates that were serving in the ward next to our area got swept out and so sometime tomorrow we are supposed to recieve another group of Elders but yeah they arent coming until tomorrow because one elder will be training and so he trainie is coming tomorrow. SO yeah we got some changes but it was lame to have to say goodbye to Elder Anderson aka my homie from Arizona. But its all good. Im excited for these next six weeks. 
Patricia is suffering pretty bad right now. She is stuck in a really tight situation right now with family bashing on her and the church and yeah, long story short its just a really poor situation. BUT she is sooo amazing that she walked to church and walked back with 2 of her daughters so that she could participate in church and recieve the Holy Ghost! She is super studdly and I have more respect for her than almost anyone I have met in my life! She really is the example of how to walk by faith and all the Less Active members that brought her into the light of the gospel are looking to her as the hero! A lot of people seem to be having some trouble with marrage things around here and especially at this time in my mission so my message for you guys will be to read the Family Proclimation and stay loyal and loving to your FAMILY! Elder Holland once said that the greatest and most important defining character of Love, is and will forever be LOYALTY. SO help each out and dont hesitate to make a sacrifice here or there!.. booom missionary moment!... and So yeah thats probably the biggest news from the week.
I also bought a Barcelona NEYMAR JN. jersy so yeah its pretty fly and I wear it all the time I can! Haters gonna Hate but NEYMAR is the man. speaking of this.. if any of you guys have requests of things you want me to buy and bring home just let me know here in the next few months... I got the hookups now. haha 

 Elder Anderson

btw UKALELE is still going strong on my end just in case you guys wanted to know... also just saying as well that it would be kinda dope to get a book of ukalele music or something next package.. just saying... haha 

Chão Chão 
Com Amor,

photo with my shirt and ELDER ANDERSON this morning when they left.
and sunset

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