Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Moved Date: Mon, 27 Apr 2015 11:12

Hey everyone!,

SO this week was a pretty interesting one to say the least. We have been knocking a bunch of doors trying to find new investigators and so that always leads to long days with a little bit of annoyance but we are finding some really great people so it all works out in the end. Hopefully this next week we can really start to get some committment from these people and get them to church! Also we were super blessed with teh baptism of Patricia. I think I mentioned her in the last letter a little but she was an investigator that we left for us when we swept in 3 weeks ago. She has been working a bunch recently and she was all set for a baptism before we showed up but something happened and its all fine now. Her husband is a leader in the Asembly of God church and her mother is actually more unsupportive than anyone but she was a trooper and told us that she always knew that being baptized into the church was the right thing to do. Last night she bore her testimony about the power of the Holy Ghost in her life and it was super powerful. She has a lot going against her but it will totaly be worth it in the long run. Her daughters are the cutest things on earth! I was the one who got to baptize her and I felt super priveledged to do it. Cold water, and a bit shallow but hey it works. So yeah now on to the reason for the heading. We moved houses today because for some reason president felt like it was the right thing to do, the only lame thing was that he decided not to tell us we were moving until Sunday night before the move.. yeah.. We moved across the street this morning into the house of some elders that work in the area next to ours.. Not really that close to our area but its closer to our church building so its all good. Doesnt have water on the weekends as well but... its all good! haha 
Yeah skype should be awesome. I am stoked already. I am guessing it would be Sunday afternoon here around 3 or 4 so whatever it would be for you guys just let me know what works better. I can go off of your schedual. oh yeah . So yes Campina Grande is a big city but i work on the outskirts of town.. like 10 min away. The city of Campina has 2 stakes and I work in a branch soo... yeah just to clear up the confusion if there was any. Our LZ work in an area closer to the city but still its just next to ours as well..
Alright well I will try to send some pics now. Using a new LanHouse so I hope this works..
LOVE YOU ALL! Karáka Boi!
jk it doesnt work for pictures today.. I think the converter thing we are using is broken so next week for sure we will get on it and bring another method of sending pics.. 
just know that they are some good ones! haha

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