Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Eeee tá! Mon, 20 Apr 2015

Família, como está!

Hey so this week was pretty good I guess. We still dont really have any teaching pool but we are walking and talking and walking a bunch. It is for sure a little bit challenging but we are liking the members and there for sure is a bit of work to do with less active members and we can for sure strengthen the branch with some off number work if you know what I be sayin. We have one really sweet investigator though that the other missionaries left for us as well. Her name is Patricia and she has a husband that is a leader in one of the Assembly of God churchs and three daughters.. The youngest is the cutiest thing I have ever seen in my life! I keep telling her that she looks like David Luiz .. a brazilian soccer player if you want to look him up you will know what I am talking about.. because she has the wildest hair and she is super chuncky! haha I am really pumped to get to know this family a little more and hopefully we can help her get to the waters of baptism. She kinda has all the odds staked against her. haha 
As far as cool stories I got none today. haha For sure lets whip out the Handbook everyone haha. What can you do when you have no other options other than by MOTO.. just saying.. haha but our branch president is the MAN! I love that guy. We is working so hard. Never in my mission have I seen another person go above and beyond to fullfill their calling. Be like Presidente Silva everyone. Thats my message for today. Now for Mom´s onslaught of questions... Pictures.. I am sorry but this internet cafe is super lame.. Doest work for sending anything.. even downloading sweet videos.. so we are both suffering.. i know. I got my memory cards in order but Im just gonna tell ya now. I got more legit pictures on the cameras of other people... just saying.. we might have to wait until Facebook to get a real veiw of my best moments! haha Money is great. No problems there. Just sometimes if im looking to buy something special I will take money out of the personal card. But seriously not much at all. I am SOOO good on hygene stuff mom. I have like 5 bottles of unopened toothpaste bottles from all your packeges.. I even gave away all that I could. haha perks of having a mom work at the dentist office! Portugues is still coming along and the shoes are perfect.. no worries at all. Mothers day will be awesome.. looking forward to it. Still 3 weeks away but I already got a good house figured out and when it gets close I might but need the skype info again. or I can go back and find it.. whichever.. no idea how to get everyone in but I will let you guys decide that. FIGHT OVER ME! haha jk idk..

ALRIGHT I have to go.. I love you guys so much
HAve a blessed week eryone! Just finished the New Testiment! 
Church is true

COM amor,

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