Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Church is still true. Mon, 6 Apr 2015 12:56

Hey you people.

So this week was a pretty normal one until this weekend. General Conference is the bomb! OH my heck it was so good this Spring! I got to watch it in English, I know I wimped out, but it was so worth it. Loved all the talks and yeah there were some Bangers delivered by Holland and Uchtdorf and ah man the church is so true. And its a good thing that I learned this again this weekend because I got Emergency Transferred! yeaaaa.... haha I KNOW! We were told about this right after the Sunday afternoon session and now I am sitting in a LanHouse in Campina Grande! haha the Other End of the MISSION. And that's not even the kicker. Im still companions with Elder Wilson! I KNOW! All in all I am actually pretty pumped for the new scenery and the ¨more chilled than normal¨nights but it was hard to drop the Bomb on Carmelita like that and Daniel and all the other people that we were close to. Saying goodbye to Carmeleta was super hard. She didnt take it well. It was honestly like breaking up with someone.. kinda weird. But I love her nonetheless and I hope she stays strong. As far as Daniel goes we was super chill about it and he says that he tried to add me on facebook. So if your still about that Nano you can add him if you like. Daniel da Silva. So yeah this week should be an interesting one. It should be the last of the ACTUAL transfer so we will spend it trying to learn our area and gain the trust of the members here. Yeah some super bad stuff went down here so we are kinda scared to poke the bear but lets go for it. It should be a small branch of members too so maybe I will loose more weight! haha 
Still love it here and I cant weight for you guys to hear all the deeper stories once I get back that I dont have time to share right now. #6TransfersLeft... not trunky at all but dang I could easily end my mission in this City. Thats insain.

more details next week!!
ahahaghghg I love my mission but I'm getting some white hairs here people!
pics next week.

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