Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Sitio Lucas‏ Mon, 13 Apr 2015


Oh my goodness I love you people. This week was super different and a bit crazy but it always feels good to know that the only way to go is up! haha So yeah our area is super big yet small at the same time. We only have a certin amount of working space if you know what Im saying. But our area also covers a bunch of those out of town ranch gatherings and its super pretty to see a bunch of brazilian farms and mountains in the distance but we only go out there for lunch really because members want to feed us but finding anyone that is gonna walk to church that is pretty far away is almost out of the question. Even the members out there dont go. haha Yep so we have a pretty small branch. I thought Ritzville was pretty small but this Sunday we only had 20 people show up and we didnt even have a third hour cause the stake is busy trying to change stuff around in the branch. They called a brand new branch president as soon as we got here and yeah they are trying to do whatever they can to keep this area excited. So missionary work will for sure be interesting. Alright 2 stories cause they are pretty good: Our first lunch here in the Branch was way out of town. The very end of our area so we caught a bus and road it until the end that drop us off at this tree in the middle of no where. We waited there for some kid to come pick us up named Mosies (aka MOSES crossing the dessert) and he arrived by way of Donkey carradge. So we hitched a ride with him and chilled in the back of this donkey carradge until 40 min later we arrived at this house. Super great people but super funny way of getting there. WISH I had a picture but no we will just wait until next time.
Secound story: Last night our new President wanted to go make some visits so some people which included some people that live jsut out of town. Problem was that he had to lend his car to his wife and only way we could travel was by Motercycle. So yeah we just hopped on back (Elder wilson went with one of the counselers on his Motercycle) and we went. so picture this: I got my nice suitpants on for sunday and they arnt all the flexible which made it super difficult to get on and off without tairing the paints, I got a sweet full incaseing helmet on, and we are cruzing in the Brazilian farms headed to go visit some less active family. But it gets better. All of the sudden president goes "Opa hold on!" and we nailed this speed bumb on the freeway (cause thats the only way they moneter speed in brazil) and we COUGHT AIR! haha it was pretty sick to say the lest. I little sketch but for sure was awesome. President was pretty great about it. He felt bad but I kept telling him it made for a dope story. 
So yeah Im really growing into brazil I love this place and all the difficulties. AND Campina Grande is cold at nights!! I dont need a fan to sleep! #whatup

Family- MOM&DAD- first off, RITZVILLE! what my mind was tripping out when I saw those pictures! Thats my stomping ground! I feel a little bit lame you didnt go visit my people but I understand that you guys had to catch a plane so I understand. Oh yeah so transfers happend yesterday and Me and Wilson are staying. FOR now on the transfers will always fall on a Monday so no more of this writting in the middle of the week garbage. 

Aright well I am going to try and send pics so hopefully you get them. This Internet Shop is super grimmy so lets see how it goes.. Stay strong this week! 

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