Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Transfer week! Date: Wed, 4 Mar 2015 12:50

Editors note! Seriously having a missionary is amazing! what a great spiritual fix everytime I read his letters. Love it!

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Hey family,

So yep we had trasfers this week but everyone stayed so its really not a big deal. Surprizingly I have learned a bunch from this last transfer so I am ready to see what this one will bring. As well I get to stay here and see Carmeleta get baptized and maybe our other sweet investigators as well so this next transfer will be great. Still with elder Wilson and we are actually getting along super well. I have learned that if you want to learn to love someone all you have to do is be obedient and preach the gospel together. If you are like the other elders in our house you get along only because your disobedient and ready to go home. So yeah this is the one thing that is gonna be the struggle here this transfer.Half of our house is falling off the loose end right now. Back to Carmeleta! She is so incredible! She is probably one of the most humble, nicest people i have ever met! Like food off of here own plate kinda nice. I love her! She is quitting café right now and she has been to church and is loving the idea of having a great ward family in her life. She still has a little fear of baptism still but with every visit we discover one more reason why and work on resolving it. We also have another investigator named Daniel and he is the boyfriend of a member. He is a stud and a half! He is progressing super fast and the only thing that it lacking is going to church. Hopefully he can come this week. He is about 33 years old. I told him once "Hey, você é o cara!" (you're the man) and now evertime he sees me he says the same thing to me! ha ha dont know why it its pretty funny! I love our investigators in this area so the more I think about it the more excited I am for another 6 weeks. "curb investigator" kinda fell through so yeah idk we are working with it still.

Also we had our stake conference as well so thats pretty crazy! Snow up the wa-zoo for you guys! Thats sick! Got the email forwards about Stokes and Daniel. Daniel sounds so good now! So much of a difference! And where is stokes going? All I know is that he is learning some redonk language and is still in the MTC.

Well know that I love you guys with all my heart! 
Com amor!

 Carmeleta and our breaking the café addiction party!

And a youth that lives in Jacaré named João Lucas! He is a stud and a half

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