Monday, March 16, 2015

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Hey family.

So this week was pretty dang interesting. We started off by finding out that some lady in our ward is wanting to get baptized again because the first time she didnt get the holy ghost #instaLessActive and so this created a rift when a few schedualing plans but me on high aleart of whether or not she is ready. Luckly all went well and only a few people almost died because of my wrath.. haha But its all good now and she is still preparing for a baptism this week. (sorry if you still dont conpletly understand all the details of it but it really isnt important, you can ask me when I get home.) This sunday we had almost everyone go to church that is a legitiment investigator! Daniel came! I love that guy! He is prepping for a baptism next week so lets hope it all works out! And Carmeleta pulled off a miracel to make it to church for her confermation! She orignally had work and that was going to pull her away for going but we prayed hard and she ended up walking to church on her own when she found out about not having to work and arrived just in time for sacrament! She is awesome! Right now though I have the fear that she is way to attacted to us as missionaries! Not good. I hope that she can develope those relationships with some of our members #allaboutthatmemberwork though.. So yep this week we are just preppin for two baptisms and trying to make a week without wanting to kill someone! haha It will be fine.
I dont really know what else to tell you guys! I thought my last letter was pretty good and had a great story too but apparently you all want more for me!! haha. Being a missionary is kinda the same thing over and over again so I dont know what to tell ya! Portuguese is coming along! I can speak it a whole lot better than when I arrived. I am still trying to learn more words and frases that dont have to deal with a gospel topic but its all good. With every improvement in portuguese I begin to feel like a missionary again. Moms Qs- haha of yeah Meals.. alright there is something you guys need to learn about Brazilian culture right now. They eat the same thing every day! haha Rice, Beans, Noodles, and some kind of meat. I like it for sure and there are curten members that make it better than others. I had fish one time the other day and it was super good. idk though. Its all the same. ha Fruit here is where its at though and I have grown to love bananas. Idk why but here they are just so much better. I like Goiaba a bunch too. Fruit here is where its at. You cant knock a mango down in the back of your appartment and eat it in the states like you can here! Cookies are just normal cookies. Nothing compaired to Oreos though... (next package please?!) American snacks are hard to come by here. They have Doritos but its just not the same.

Alright Gente (people) Today we have a zone p-day for the first time since I got here so I am pretty excited to have a P-day thats actually worth it like there were in the states! Im planning on Soccer for at least 5 hours and we are gonna fire up some meat! Im looking forward to it! Love you all and have a great week! 

Com Amor,

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