Monday, March 23, 2015

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What it up you guys! I had a pretty fast week and it has been raining for the past three days so thats fun. The weather has cooled down a little but today the sun came out and now its just hot and humid and terrible. We started off the week pretty good. Daniella was baptized on Wed. and I guess you could say she was prepared. She came to church again yesterday and received the Holy Ghost so its already better than it was last time. But in reality I am happy for her. She has progressed a lot. Other news this week was that Daniel, my favorite BRO in the world was SICK this weekend!! So we have to wait another week until he can be baptized. Yeah they happen pretty quick down here (baptisms) but in reality we have been teaching Daniel for like 6 weeks already. He is super solid so I am not worried about him. I will be blessed to be the one to Baptize him so I am very humbled. Look for the picture next week! Will be my first one in a year (with PEGGY). My companion is proving to be my hardest obstacle right now. Ha and yeah it hasnt been that fun. But we have our good days and our bad. So there really isnt much more to say. I just gotta Bear-Down #goCATS because I know there have been times when I havent been the easiest as well.
Our churrasco ZONE P-DAY last week was super good! I miss P-days so much! I was tuns of fun to hang out and play some ball but It is almost guaranteed not to happen for a long time. Everything here is "rewarded" on a "how many baptisms have you had" basis so for now we will just sit in house and play Ukulele and eat bananas. haha Carmeleta is super awesome but right now she is going through a phase of SUPER CLINGY which is not good. This past week she has bought me an Umbrella a Flamingo Towel (the favorite local soccer team here even though the team is located in Rio de Janeiro... long story) and she feeds us every time we see her! Heart of Gold, let me tell ya, but there is a line and she is dancing with it! haha She is awesome though. 

MOM- HAPPY BITHDAY! in Português more commonly you woud say PARA BEMS (which just means congratulations) but Feliz Aniversario também!
51 and young! I like it! Hope you have a incredible day and week! You really are the best Mother a kid could ask for! I love you with all my heart! To the moon and back and then to Brazil and then back again! 

Alright folks! I will send some pics and then I'm off to another week! 
Com Amor e Fe, pode mudar o mundo!
chão gente,

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