Monday, March 9, 2015

nother week in Date: Mon, 9 Mar 2015 12:07

Hey everybody.

Yep so this week was an interesting one. One of those that wakes you up and makes you realize that there are only 5 more to come. Ha the other Elders have calmed down a little bit. I had to do a humble check right quick and stop being so angry about the situation. People are only disobedient when their testimonies are hanging low. Just means they need more love than normal. Same for Elder Wilson. This kid is gonna teach me a lot I tell ya. haha The most important news from this week was that Carmeleta got Baptized!! I was kinda on the wishywashy side of it when it was being planned and how that day started out but luckly the spirit touched my heart after it all and I know it did for her so I can rest assured that she will take that promise with her for the rest of her life. First real baptism in Brazil and while it wasnt the same of how it was in the states, Church is still true! Her sister also came to support her and she was really fun to get to know last night. We are super blessed to have Carmeleta in our lives and her sister was super greatful that we were there to help her sister. Our other investigators are draggin their feet hard core so that will be the focus this week.
In other news too, I killed a fly last night with my PEN! Yeah it was dope. I was just chillin there with my journal at the end of the night like always when this fly just kept going at it. I was like "fly back off me bro or your gonna get yours.." then I swatted my pen at it and cliped it or something and it fell to the ground and i killed him! Other success story of the night. 

I should get the V-day package tomorrow and I am stoked to see whats inside. I have all these brazilian people to share my american candy with so I am hopeing its stuffed. Thanks for the report on Hayden and the Family! Sounds awesome but so weird at the same time. What is home?? ha jk Thanks for reading my letter at the thing.. I am stoked to hear that the ward is going strong. Didnt realize that I grew up with three Dallins.. and I give brazil a hard time for naming everyone Maria! haha 

Alright you party animals. Hang in there till next week! Thats what I will be doing!
Muito Amor Veu!


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