Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Blessings unseen..‏. Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2015 12:34

Hey everybody! 

Man well this week was actually a pretty great week. Started off with Carnival and companion splits and many crazy things. Carnival turned out to be nothing that bad at all. Saw a few street parades and mostly just people drinking outside there houses. So no its not that good and if you ask most of the people in the street if they are excited they usually say its just a huge apostate holiday. ha Splits this week have been interesting. For the first time here in the mission I have spent 2 days being the only person that could speak English and i also had to take over the area twice. All seemed to roll out smoothly and I am beginning to gain confidence in my ability to speak as well. So thats a positive. We also had an investigator at church yesterday! It was pretty great. She isnt that converted yet and we are still working a bunch on trying to get her excited about the gospel and baptism and other things but for the first time since being here I am starting to connect with my investigators. Cameleta is way cool. So we will continue to teach her this week.
We also had a pretty cool experience last night. All of the people we planned on seeing last night fell through and so we were sitting down on the curb thinking of what to do next. Then so lady called for us like 3 houses down across the street and asked us what time is was. So we walked over there and just taught them about the church. Heavenly Father will always hasten his work. Nothing can stop it. haha They also had the cutest 2 year old boy there and I was playing pretty hard core with him. haha I was thinking the entire time about Conway and the jokes I would play on him. This kid was so fascinated when I took the water cup I was using and put it to his ear and tapped on the end of it. haha It was so funny. He kept trying to do it to me! haha So yeah we are really excited about these new investigators.

I also got to hear from the Elder Family today! aghh my heck I LOVE THAT FAMILY! They are doing so well down there. They have a calling and are teaching the youngsters for second hour! David is preppin for the Melckesidick priesthood and they plan on getting sealed in AUG! I am so stoked for them. All of you better get preped to meet this family when I get back! Also thats insane about Hayden! I didnt know it was so soon. like Tomorrow! haha Glad to hear about B too. Life after the mission is so real now for me. But hey its not a distraction. I have 14 months almost! haha 

I love my mission. I love my savior Jesus Christ. I know this church is the restored true and everlasting gospel. 

I got so many friends going home this transfer that I need to write!
Com amor! 


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