Monday, February 2, 2015

Roller Coaster ride Date: Mon, 2 Feb 2015

Yo Yo familia! Tudo Beleza?

Ah man what a wild week. So started off pretty slow but then the weekend came and oh man it was an interesting one. This week I had a drunk lady kiss my hand, interviews with Presedient, dropped baptism (that I was going to baptize in?..? haha), 2 mile hike in the bushwack projects, another 'footdusting' with the result of an angry drunk brazilian running out the door at us, and waiting for a train in the rain with a less active and an underaged 11 year old smoking a joint that was given him by the less active we met. All in all it was a pretty wild week. haha As far a details that you would probably be interested in knowing, we had a baptism planned for this man named Jougie (Georgies) and he is a really humble guy. Super sweet, super poor. Problem is that he is no where  ready to be baptized in my opinion. So anyways we still planned one out and got him interviewed saturday night and all was set, when sunday morning rolled around he was no where to be found.. so yeah this is the 5th time he has missed his baptism, I dont think he is truly converted enough. After we had the interveiw he asked if I would do it but either way it never happened so thats that. No real no investigators or anything cool like that. We are still just trying to establish ourselves here and meet some more people. I am beginning to like the area more and we have some sweet youth in our ward so its all frosty.

Mom's questions: So we live in a house. Its got 2 main sleeping rooms and a hallway that we fit our desks in and then a kitchen. two bathrooms. So I sleep on the floor of this neon orange room with a bed and a fan on the floor.. trying to keep me cool. We have Elder André from São Paulo, Brasil and Elder Alburqueque from Peru living and sharring the work here in the ward. Super cool dudes. Elder Andre was with me in Bessa (first area) and so we already know eachother and Elder Alb is awesome as well. I havent had to cut my hair in a while. Not since the last time. Its still pretty short so hopefuly I can make it though the transfer. Language is good. I think that I can get along on my own with very basic stuff but I never understand everything that a person says yet. Its still coming. Most of the time its pretty easy to talk in the streets and make contacts because we say the same things pretty much over and over again and get the same responses most of the time. Drunk people are a whole nother ball game.. And there are a LOT here let my tell ya.

Family. You guys rock. Mom&Dad- SNOW day! What thats sick! I would kill for this! Enjoy it and stay warm! 

I cant think of much more to write. I got to hit up some of my people so..
Até Mais!


ps I couldnt find my card to send photos so wait till next time.. haha sorry

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