Monday, February 9, 2015

Heat Wave‏ Date Mon Feb. 9

Hey everyone, 

So great to hear from all ya. This week was pretty laid back and I dont have a whole lot to say. But yeah we have been working hard here in Cabedelo. It has been pretty hot here recently and sleeping has been almost impossible because we dont really have any fans or anything. I think i might have developed a weird sun rash thing on my elbows and legs so I constantly itch them in the night and drive myself insane. Our area still hasnt given us too many investigators yet and everone we talk to doesnt go to church. We dropped Jorge. He didnt come to church again and who know if he ever will... SO yeah we are starting all over again. 
I only use the backpack as a small overnight bag if i have exchanges. I already had a side bag that I inherited from a less active in my first area in the states. But here we just walk around with scriptures in hand. Only a Book of Mormon. It was a little hard to get used to at first but it makes since for how hot it is so it works. Package hasnt arrived to ME yet but if it has gotten to the office I have no idea. You only get packages during conferences and stuff like that. So maybe I will know by the end of the week if it has arrived because we have a meeting tomorrow. Im looking forward to the love though! I live about 30 min by train from the Mission office. I dont think our mission has a mission home (that is used like a normal mission home at least) and if they do I havent heard of it. Only an office. And nope i never hear from them. Even if they do call I dont deal with any of it. 

Just know that I love you guys! I know that this church is true. Being here in Brasil has brought me to a very fine line! haha I look back over and over and wonder to myself how on earth I am dealing with all of this. Then I look back over all the miracles that I see in my life. Not even just for me but for the people around me. Undoughtably, Heavenly Father has a plan. The best part of his plan is that it wont let us down. Its not a joke or a half hearted promise to us. He has promised us happiness for eternity. He knows that maybe the current situations that we find oursleves in arent easy. But he loves us enough to let us learn from them, To grow from them. He knows that everything we go through here on earth will determin how our life will be with our families in the eternity. I know that he sent his son Jesus Christ to redeam all mankind. I know that he has done this because there would be no other way. I know that he has done this because I feel happy when I think about it. I feel the peace that comes from living the Gosple that Jesus taught long ago. I know that we have prophets and apostles on the earth again. That they guide us and help us to know and feel more of Gods enduring love. This churh is His. 

You guys keep on keeping on. Keep praying for me! You dont know how much I rely on it!


Two from When I was in Bessa and the beach! 

THe other is just a picture of our current kitchen. Maybe you wanted to see Idk haha

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